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(Royalties/Later Payment) (1)
Looking for a Character Artist for 3D animation film (1)
Ghostly Horizon is looking for a 2D media artist and a 3D artist for ghost characters (1)
Need a 2D game artist and sound artist to work on real-time multiplayer game (1)
I need help finishing a 2D, turn-based iOS strategy game (2)
Looking for a Concept Artist/Drawer (1)
Comic writer needs an artist! (1)
WANTED Artist for mobile 2D platformer (1)
In Need of a 3D Modeler for a Indie Fighting Game - Unity3D - Profit Sharing (1)
Indie Game Project Needs You! (1)
Artist looking for hobbyist project to build resume (2)
Short Film 3d Artists wanted (1)
Looking for more crew members for animated series (1)
Programmers, Artists and Animators needed for a high-res 2D Openworld RPG (1)
Looking for hard surface concept modelers for a 10 minute short (1)
The Journey of the Waterbear (1)
Make Animation to Help My Friend Whose Life Was Destroyed (2)
Competition (1)
Project Codename: The Game We Love​ (1)
Looking for Pixel Art artist to finish a FTL like game. (1)
Film Project with mulitple opportunities (2)
Artists needed for Puzzle Platformer (From Light) (1)
A toy product for children (2)
[Rev-Share Team] Searching for Serious & Dedicated individuals (1)
[rev share]Code Breaker Games - looking for video game artist (1)
[Promotional Artist +more] Wanted for SciFi RTS Summer Alpha (1)
[Rev-Share] 2D Character Concept Artist (1)
2D Environment Concept Artist (1)
[Rev-Share Team] Searching for Serious & Dedicated individuals (2)
Participate in the creation of a 2 frame animation (1)