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♪♫♪ Prof and Fresh Music (Games, Promos, Animations) and Sound FX, Voice acting♪ (2)
(Hiring) 5 minute fight animation (1)
Recording Artist for XBOX, PS4, Disney, and more Seeking Collaboration (1)
Sound Designer [FOR HIRE] (3)
(Story Driven Exploration Game) - Looking for motivated 2d Artist (1)
Aspiring Writer, looking to form a team for a pitch to IMAGE (1)
[Hiring] Looking for 3DS Max animator / generalist to help finish animated short (1)
model to texture (1)
Looking for a 3D / VFX artist to collab in a project (1)
Looking for Concept Artists for preproduction on Crowdsourcer Project (2)
[Partnership] medieval Portal-like in VR - looking for 3D and VFX artist (1)
[CLOSED] 3D background artist using REDSHIFT in Maya (1)
Can you take my survey? I'd be so grateful xd (1)
3D artists needed for Short Prince of Persia-Similar project (1)
VFX Artists Wanted for Micro-Budget Sci-Fi Short. (2)
SciFi market collab (1)
Graphic Designer needed for CAST - Card Augmented Story Telling (1)
Looking for Artists for Tron Style Industrial Video (1)
(This is a zine project) FATE FATALE: A FATE GRAND ORDER TAROT (3)
Looking for 3d generalist for Art film competition (1)
Looking for Volunteers to help with Models for Prototypes (1)
[CONTRACT/ROYALTY] Dark Storm Ascension Recruiting (4)
Lighting Designer and Render Settings needed for 3d animation thesis short movie (1)
[UNPAID] CG BACKGROUND/ASSETS MODELER needed for student animation thesis film (1)
[unpaid]Graphic for book trailer (1)
3d Artists Wanted For The CLICS Web Series Project (1)
[Rev-Share] Fantasy Concept Artist needed!! (1)
WHO WANTS TO COLLAB?!! Looking for 2d game artist (1)
Looking for Artist for Sci-Fi short movie. (2)