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FXWARS: Bending Arts New Dateline- Mon Jan 6th (8)
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FXWarsAvatar: Bending Arts!: Diamond Wheeler (3)
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FXWarsAvatar:Bending Arts!: Jacobsen Augenstein and William Oglesby (2)
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FXWars! Bonfire; Wirginia Romanowska (9)
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FXWars! Bonfire!:FabioMSilva,FORENSIC, Beauty of Flames (14)
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WIP - FXWars! Bonfire!: Mick Reid, Forensic (4)
FXWars! Bonfire!:RAMAKRISHNA,FORENSIC,warmth of Bonfire (5)
FXWars! Bonfire!: Patrick Noland, Forensic, Camping Memories (7)