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Certain Affinity, Inc. is looking for a great Senior Material Artist [Recruitment] (1)
Certain Affinity, Inc. is looking for a great Associate Technical Artist [Recruitment] (1)
Technical Animator at Silver Spoon Animation (Brooklyn, NY) [Recruitment] (1)
3D character Artist - Looking for Freelance [Recruitment] (3)
3D Generalist\VFX Artist looking for job [Recruitment] (1)
Visual/Special Effects Assistant [Recruitment] (1)
Experienced 3D and 2D artists- 2D/3D Art and Animation - Looking for works [Recruitment] (5)
3D Generalist Wanted [Recruitment] (1)
Dungeon Rouge Like Looking for 3D Char/Creature /Environment Artist, 3d Animator and Realtime VFX Artist [Recruitment] (1)
[PAID] Character Artist, Animator, and Generalist [Recruitment] (1)
2d Stylized Character reference designer [Recruitment] (1)
Cloud Imperium Games seeks talented Artists [Recruitment] (1)
UX/UI DESIGNER - Gameloft Madrid [Recruitment] (2)
3D Anime modeler + rigger [Recruitment] (1)
Lead Houdini FX TD - Trixter Munich, Germany [Recruitment] (1)
Mid/Senior Hair&Fur Groom Artist - Trixter, Germany [Recruitment] (1)
VFX Production Manager - Trixter Berlin Germany [Recruitment] (1)
[Freelance] 3D Sculpting/Texturing Artist [Recruitment] (1)
[Full-time] 3D Character Animation Artist - Cologne Germany [Recruitment] (1)
[Full-time] 3D Artist - Cologne, Germany [Recruitment] (1)
Unity - 3D Generalist [Full time] - Brighton, UK [Recruitment] (1)
Mid & Senior 3D Artists - 3D Animation and visualization studio [Recruitment] (1)
[Full-time] Rigger job in Japan [Recruitment] (1)
Need Houdini or comparable vfx [Temp Job Board] (1)
Brown Bag Films Manchester is looking for new Talent [Recruitment] (1)
Sami Graphic - 2D / 3D Game Art Outsourcing - Looking for projects [Recruitment] (1)
[Full-Time][Wayfair-Boston] - 3D Art Manager [Recruitment] (1)
SAMI GRAPHIC - 2D/3D Game Art Outsourcing (Looking for Projects) [Recruitment] (1)
(Rev-Share/Kickstarter) Looking For Concept Artists For Ambitious Sci-Fi RPG [Recruitment] (1)
DNEG - Vancouver Greenlight Scheme 2018 [Recruitment] (1)