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11 November 2003, 02:55 AM
Still working on my mel/perl interface to the command line render. I have a bit of code that is supposed to read the render global values for a specific scene file into a txt file on the c drive.
When I run it I get the error

// Error: line 9: Message attributes have no data values. //

Not sure why this dosent work. What am I missing here? From what I though I did this cycles thru all the attributes and querries their values. I think it is dying on the first value "message" does anyone know what this is?



string $globals[] = `listAttr defaultRenderGlobals`;
$globals = `sort $globals`;
string $filename = ("c:\\render_globals.txt");
int $fileID = `fopen $filename "w"`;

for ( $eachitem in $globals ){
string $atribValueCmd = "defaultRenderGlobals." + $eachitem;
$atribValueCmd = " defaultRenderGlobals." + $eachitem;
string $atribValue = `getAttr $atribValueCmd`;
fprint $fileID ($eachitem + "\n" + $atribValue);

fclose $fileID;

11 November 2003, 03:40 PM
You can't do a getAttr on a message attribute. message attributes are (as far as I can tell) just a convient way to make a connection between 2 objects. We tend to use them on our character rigs quite a bit.
I'd just skip this in your script.
The other thing I'd look into for this is to save the render globals as a preset.


11 November 2003, 06:01 PM
there is a number of renderGlobals-attributes, that do not carry values and therefore cause errors along with execution-halts.

you'd need to do some "type"-checking before the "getAttr"-bit, which is tideous, letmetellyou!

i wrote a script that kinda reports current renderglobalwindow-settings into an executable mel.script, and i did it comme ca ("that's french, vern!"):

string $rg [] , $rs [] , $rq [] ;
$rg = sort(`listAttr -s -v -r -w "defaultRenderGlobals"`) ;
$rs = `listAttr -v -w "defaultResolution"` ;
$rq = `listAttr -v -w "defaultRenderQuality"` ;

(the 'sort'ing is only for it to look prettier! ;))

i forgot what the shorthand options all mean, but it does the trick, if you miss any other attrib. you need to check whether it returns data of the right kind.


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