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06 June 2002, 12:22 AM
when i started making my blend shapes, i didn't have a uv set assigned to it. so basically all of my duplicates have the generic uv set. when i finally made the blend shapes, i started to texture the base mesh. i just wanted a generic texture that have the lips of my mesh highlighted, cause i want to make sure all the mouth movements are correct.

now, the problem is, i don't know much about texturing. i read something somewhere about planar mapping. and so i tried that. i have a generic jpg file with the colors brown and a small box with red in it off to the side. i selected the faces for the lips, projected a planar map to it, and put the selected faces in the red box. basically, everything else in my mesh is brown and my lips are red.

now, when i started moving my sliders for my blend shapes, the lips would move but the colors won't stay. like for instance, if i open the mouth, the mesh would just slide off the color red, so that the lips would end up being brown and the insides of the mouth red (when it's supposed to be brown). am i missing something? what am i doing wrong?

i guess my question would be, what would be the best method to texture my face without that happening? was i suppose to assign a UV set to the base mesh even before i started duplicating it for the blend shapes? or am i just using the wrong texturing technique?

like i said, i'm a retard when it comes to texturing. so any help would be greatly appreciated. i'm using maya 4.0 by the way and my base mesh is made of polygons. thanx guyz...

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