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06 June 2002, 10:30 PM

Ummmm i dunno if anyone check this out but Deep Exlporation can import/export Maya binary scenes and LW scenes.

I load a object in LW, bone it and save lws file.
Translated it in DP EXPLORATION and
Got the exact same scene with bones animation (The body was deforming
and i tried to re bind but the asscoation was already there and object and saves basic surface parameters like color ***.

This is a perfect solution for LW/Maya conversion.

No IK support in the transfer BUT
it supports Softbody Dynamics on both programs,
You could scan in deformation and then export it out with/
using results of your IK (a workaround) but not bad.
A P:Messiah trick we use for non-messiah machine with LW.

maya binary format ( *.MB ) tends to get a little large with animation but just zip it up.

06 June 2002, 10:55 PM
Sounds pretty nice! So are you saying that you can set up a skeleton on an object in a Lightwave scene file and then use Deep Exploration to export that LW scene data over to Maya and the skeletal hierarchy for that object is included already skinned and ready to go with the exception of the IK?

06 June 2002, 11:05 PM
It nots binded when it comes over but all you have to do is unbind (it think it is when comes over) and then rebind. Go DL the demo. This is a BIG advancement in my opinion in multi-platform environments and getting cross platform work.
Plus unlike Maya default wavefront obj importer you get the different colur in your surface information because DP exports as Maya *.mb format.

06 June 2002, 11:34 PM
I'm more interested in converting scenes from Maya 4 over to Lightwave with skeletal hierarchies included.

06 June 2002, 12:01 AM
i tryed this a few months ago but i was going from maya to max..

all i can say is that its nearly realy usefull, while it 100% capable of converting most things it still lacks bones/ik that have somthing bound to it, it also crashes alot when working with large maya files, and somtimes some uv's dident convert right. But i think there on the right track, and hopfully in a year or so it could be one of the most usfull tools avalable..

another option would be to create a new universial file format that all programs can export and import, maybe a bit like rib files..
thats the dream!

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