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07 July 2011, 01:41 PM
Hi, im a beginner moving on from modeling to texturing aninteriorscene.
Since its my best friends loft im using as a reference, i got pretty good reference material, but also i wanna learn to give it a "used" look, so i need a couple of good tutorials on mixed materials and where to put what map...someone got some tips for me?

Couple of examples im trying to recreate:

-brushed metal surface with grease stains (fingerprints etc.)
-vitroceramic plate (not sure about that translation...) with painted features and grease stains
-Parquetfloor with scratches

Im already cruising through the manual, but that mostly just covers the basics. id like some in depth looks at what map can be used for what and how to build those maps.

any help appreciated!

07 July 2011, 03:14 PM

07 July 2011, 04:04 PM
thx scrimski...;)

thats a good starting point, but one problem i already encountered: the only way a map shows up on my metal-material is to put it in the slot for "additional color". but there it blends out the reflections completely. if i put it in the diffuse slot, it doesnt show up at all.
How do i solve that? im using an Arch&Design template as a base.

07 July 2011, 04:14 PM
i just tried to put the arch&design material in a composite-material as a base material, so i could layer the grease/stain material over it, but unfortanetely max crashed on my laptop while i tried this, so im not sure that would work. since itll take a while til i get back on my desktop - am i on the right path though?

07 July 2011, 04:17 PM
hm, manual tells me to use composite maps instead. i really should start getting back into photoshop basics i think.

07 July 2011, 08:23 PM
nope, not yet getting there...

With composite maps you obviously can only composite maps, not materials.
So this is what i got so far:

1. Made a composite material.
2. Put an arch&design brushed metal template as base material in it.
3. Put a dirtmap into the glossiness map-slot (so grease stains wouldnt reflect as much as the brushed metal).
4. Put a second material into the second composite material slot.
5. There i put an arch&design material with the same dirtmap into the diffuse channel.
6. Now i put the composite material Nr. in "Mix" mode and gave it a value of 50%.

That alsmost worked, except for the fact that now the base material lost some of its brushed look.

So i went back and put the dirt-material in a composite map and put the same map inverted into the mask slot.
That way i thought id get only the dirt-parts of the dirtmap as an overlay to my brushed metal material, but instead the whole thing just got darker.

I bet im doing it wrong...someone point me into the right direction please!

07 July 2011, 08:50 PM
bit more experimenting led me to this now:

1. brushed metal a&d template.
2. mix-material in the reflection color slot, made of:
3. brushed-metal-Noise-map in first slot.
4. grease stains (white stains on black bg) in second slot.
5. mask (nope, no inverting necessary, white stains on black bg already is a perfect mask...) filled with same grease-stains map.
6. inverted map with grey bg into the glossiness slot.


And then Max crashed again, when i wanted to turn off "show end result" to modifiy the noise-map...lets see if i can make it crash again...

07 July 2011, 11:39 AM
alright, some more experimenting confirmed: reflection color slot with a mix map is the way to go...
i was just confused, because it didnt have any effect in the diffuse slot...

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