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View Full Version : Introducing: Messiah:Studio running IN LINUX

10-30-2003, 03:12 AM
well, i have successfully gotten messiah:studio to run under linux using wine.

If you would like to know how, respond in this thread, and i might could help ya out. :D

anyways, the speeds are pretty comparable to windows, i was talking to Sil3 and comparing rates, and It was a little slower under emulation mode, but mind you it IS EMULATION mode :D

for instance: in the don's dino, i was playing it at 24fps, at 3 subd level, 12fps, and at 2 subd level it was 12/24 fps. not to shabby eh?

now to the real stuff.


and now everybody is probably wondering what the drawbacks are, so far, the ONLY thing i have noticed, is some of the dialogs arent displayed correctly, which is a rather large drawback, but if you know your menus well enough, shouldnt be much trouble.

and thank you SOOOOO MUCH TO B3AND1P for hosting this image at www.grahamages.com which is also a very kick ass website for textures, i have purchased a few myself. very worth the money.

10-30-2003, 06:55 AM
that linux skin....
I almost felt like it was on OSX.....


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