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07 July 2011, 09:10 PM
Hi guys.
I have a question to a people who works in the big team and have expirianse with complex scenes with lots of characters.

Im creating Robot character with lot of little stuff like rivets or little parts what moveble and riget to.
What way its prefer for you?
1. One mesh with all details its attached?
+: one mesh, pointcache, easy to manage in scene, fast playback in final scene.
-: trouble to make a changes. lot of dublicated elements not optimazed. hard skining.
2. Or Lot of meshes linked to Rig?
+: fast linking and easy skinig cuase all separated. rivets and same parts can be instanced. easy changes.
-: headeiche with transfer animation to enother scene exactly for many character. slow playback in complex scene.

What its prefer to your studio? How you works? May be you use some tools to make all this + togever? How?

Thank you for help.

07 July 2011, 03:57 PM
in General you should keep things as generic as you can and base your setup on small parts.

Lego style.

Referencing is great for that type of workflow. Whenever you have anything in common reference it and add customizations on top.

In your case I would go with second method, assuming you can link and unlink the parts from the main character freely as needed. For us speed on playback is important but speed on export or render in not so much. Human time is expensive, computer time is cheap.

As far as animation transfer the more generic your set up the easier it will be to deal with data transfer in the long run but you will need to make some tools for your pipeline to do it.

Speed will also be faster if you have ability to unload and reload things as you need. For example when animator is simply setting key poses he does not need to see all the rivets and small parts so they all can be unloaded and only loaded when work is been finalized.

Good luck I hope it helps


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07 July 2011, 03:57 PM
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