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07 July 2011, 12:27 AM
I seen a video tut that was in Japaneses . On how to paint fur to a object but couldn't understand it. So I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to do it. I been trying to set it up to a weight map but can figure it out. any help will be very welcomed.

07 July 2011, 03:15 AM
Connect the density and/or the length of the fur to weightmaps and paint those?
Is this with the default XSI hair system? The manual has examples/entries for all of that kind of stuff.

07 July 2011, 06:59 AM
How do i do that i looked over the help and still confused

07 July 2011, 07:09 AM
If a parameter in the hair controls has a plug icon beside it, you can click that and connect it to a weightmap.
You then paint the weightmap.

07 July 2011, 07:40 AM
I know that. But can't find the density map. i have nothing to plug in to

07 July 2011, 07:45 AM
sorry i fond it i have the newest ver, of xsi and it not in the same place as the help file cuz the help file older

07 July 2011, 07:48 AM
Got it to work thanx u sooooooo very much

07 July 2011, 09:40 AM
where is the tutorial link may it is difficult to understand what you really mean,but you should look into the help first.

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07 July 2011, 09:40 AM
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