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06 June 2011, 03:51 PM

Is there a way to tell mayabatch.exe or render.exe to hold the file into memory until the next command is given ?

The problem is....
It seems you can tell 1 render node to render a complete frame range.. say an alpha pass sequence of 100 frames.. That single node could do it within 2min.. But if you have 10 nodes all randomly picking from the 1-100 pool, your render time could easily double or triple because Maya then seems to unload the scene after each frame. Loading/Prepping/Unload happens then every time instead once..

The problem with rendering complete sequences is that you can't see how much every single frame took on the manager (backburner). You just get the time result for the complete batch.

Anyone know a way to by pass this Loading/Prepping/Unload inbetween?
Is this a BB problem ? Do other Rendermanager handle this differently?..

06 June 2011, 08:47 PM
I have never used Backburner (because I remember it lacked certain features that I needed at the time), but I can say that usually there's an option that lets you tell how many frames to give to each render node. So say you are rendering a sequence from frame 1-100 and you have 10 render nodes, you can tell each node to render 10 frames. So, node1 will get 1-10, node2 would get 11-20 etc etc. That way it wont close Maya after every completed frame, check what has already been rendered and then restart maya and render whatever frame it hasn't rendered yet.

Every render manager that I have encountered has this feature built in. It's usually called "Chunk Size" or "Packet Size"

07 July 2011, 12:24 AM
Yeah... Backburner calls it 'Task Size'..

That's not exactly the problem though.. The problem is..
On a farm you want nodes to jump in to which ever is the next available frame, so you can't give them a task size.. You let them render single frames.

In the case of tasks sizes.. If you tell mayabatch to renders a sequence of 10 frames. It will load the scene and prepair it for rendering only > once <.. This process alone (excluding actual rendering) can take minutes depending on your scene size. Once is all you need.. It will not do it for every frame.

However on a farm where you do not want to set a sequence on a node (so single frame), you do not want the loading and prepping after every single frame. cause it adds up to the total rendertime

So I'm wondering.. is there a way to tell mayabatch.. " You're done with frame 1... Don't unload the scene yet, cause it's the same scene you're gonna continue with.. frame 2 is done by someone else.. You can continue with frame 3.." All this..WITHOUT having to unload the scene at frame 1, then load everything up again to render frame 3..

I hear Lightwave does it.. I wonder if this is possible at all with Maya..

Does this all make sense ?.. Kinda hard to explain..

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