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10 October 2003, 10:04 AM
hi there,
I`d like to announce my webpage liquid-shapes ( to you. its the second version right now. my main aspect was to combine a flash navigation with common html files to allow also dial-up users a "surfing-pleasure". the requirements are flash and a "not-too-old" browser. Recommended is IE 5.0+. I tried for myself with different systems. the worst experience was with an older mac and netscape 4 i guess. So - dear MAC users don`t blame me !
Hope you like the site - plz post any error you find with the browser you used.
CLICK to Start (

Ian Jones
10 October 2003, 02:15 PM

Ok, the following crit may be dependant on my current mood, so don't take it too seriously:

1: The font on the splash page is fairly unreadable. Certainly made me cringe a bit and defintely made me second guess what it was I was actually supposed to click on to enter your website.

2: There may be a problem with text wrapping on the main page... but I'm not sure if it was actually meant to look like that. IE6

3: A big no no as far as I am concerned is that a website or indeed any user interface, mobile phone, calculator, PDA etc... should never need to have a 'how to use the navigation' description. This to me, just wreaks of poor design. If a user can't figure it out themselves within a few seconds then it ain't worth having. I'm not trying to promote 'cookie-cutter' interface designs that every other website has and I appreciate your attempt at being original but there is a lot to be learnt from other more functional designs. Luckily I think your navigation system is saveable, but you need to make it much clearer what is going on. This may mean you need to reduce the overall 'visual clutter' of the overall page design. Notice for example that the actual buttons are almost invisible to a casual glance because of the overall clutter as I mentioned. This means a user really has to search, something I don't think many people have the patience for.

4: Yikes, must be a bug becuase you can play both of those sound tracks at the same time...!

Overall, you have some great portfolio pieces. I probably have sounded fairly negative so far, but thats because I have really only commented on the things I think you need to improve.

I hope that helps.

10 October 2003, 03:48 PM
no ian thats just real constructive critique how i wished it. thanks for that. I`ll keep that in mind. Anyone else ?

10 October 2003, 09:43 PM

I really enjoyed your gallery section, interesting abstract pieces there....!

as for you site, it's H.E.C.T.I.C! I had trouble figuring out where the menu was, as Ian mentioned. all the lines and symbols are killing this site. also the splash, I didn't understand why I had to go through two pages to get to the main page.. just a thought.

in the co-op section the buttons are so hard to click onto. I mean it's so small.

better stop whining,

10 October 2003, 07:25 AM
hey, looking very cool so far

the navigation is definitely somewhat confusing, I was afraid to click buttons for fear that it would bring me somewhere else, and I wasn't sure where that would be until you directed me to the top left corner, which told me how to ue the navigation. I also think that this isnt a great idea, but the navigation idea is great. I like rotating menus. but it is flash, right? People will totally get the right idea if the menu is constantly rotating perhaps, and when they move their mouse near it, it reacts and moves based on mouse position. There are tutorials for this I'm sure, and it's easy to do. Especially easy for a user to pick up on, if they've got some arrows that glow pointing in the direction of rotation. Things like this are very obvious to most people, and would accomplish what you're going for. Make the enter button larger, and more obvious. Try making the links in the co-op section transparent boxes over the names on the map. I do that, and it makes it so that where ever the box is, the mouse will go to link mode and let people know they can go. Some clueless people out there might have clicked away at your link areas and gotten no where, assuming it's broken or something. Those links are just really small.

Is it entirelly necesery to direct us through two splashes? I think you could accomplish the cool design you've got on the first page into the second page, and just make one that gets things done much faster.

All in all, I liked your site and I actually spent some time looking at stuff. Good job :)

edit: oh yeah, the text wrapping in opera 7.1 didnt look super, not sure if thats what you wanted either :D Didnt try it in explorer six.

10 October 2003, 10:09 PM
aside from fixem ups very solid site, the fact that you have my quicktime player actually working and loads instantly is more than some million dollar companies websites can offer. So that impressed me.

the navigation is not complicated but its not intuitive either, consider making the first thing the user has to either click on or see. this will force the user to make an action by clicking something to progress through the site, one click is all the learning curve you need really. Your layout background has heart, and shows that you put some time into the content of your site and its not just some taste teaser that a lot of the sample and even major sites really are.

Like I said solid design and functionality. Definetly a good foundation for an online portfolio site.

Great work.

p.s. loose the 2 pages before the actual, or keep the enter page and incorporate the resolution choice page into that cause its pointless clicking through two pages when all you need is one to get the job done.

11 November 2003, 01:50 PM
thank you all again for those constructive hints ! and great that you like the site in general. I see that I`ll have to rework that navigation to make it more obvious. I also planned to take this second page down because the time for the old page and the "VRML" section is up now. (also I`was`t able to put up a solid VRML site yet).

personally i dislike to edit the index site because it lose it`s search engine ranking after updating. seems to be a common problem. is there maybe someone with searchengine / metatagging experience how could help ?

@nobrain: great that the player is working fine. browser plugins have always some discrepancies. one`s using QT, others use the WMP... i wanted a format that allows a good integration and small file sizes. i know that also WMP give good results but it won`t work at a macintosh for example.

btw: content is updated since tomorrow mornin` ;-)

01 January 2004, 12:02 AM

hello there, i updated the site again. i announce this cause it was hard job this time. visually not much changed but i had to edit about 200 files for the new feature. now you can choose your favorite color for the page design. i had to change mostly links so that there will be only nescessary files twice existent.

the most important new features are:

- color choice feature
- self made guestbook
- extended browser compability ( bugs removed )

step in and tell me how you like it


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