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06 June 2011, 08:24 AM
I want to create a guide for rigging newbies and animators, and research on how character TDs and animators collaborate and the difficulties of it. Anyone wanting to answer some questions or talk about it? Read the questions below to have an idea of what I'm talking about and either answer or tell me what you think...or both! Thanks!

Questions are very simple being oriented to the creation of a guide for rigging newbies and animators.

1) Which is your main area of expertise?

2) What do you think about the relationship between character TDs and animators? Do you find it

difficult to communicate?

3) Which are the techniques you use most?

4) What is the best facial setup in your opinion (blendshapes, bones, a mix of both, )? Why?

5) Where do you start when building a rig? Do you work for every body part as an individual piece and then connect all the parts togheter?

6) How do you set controls up? Do you first discuss with the animator about his/her preferences or you create the rig and change it afterwards based on the animator's needs?Or both?

7) Which was/were the most challenging character/s you had to rig? Explain why and how you eventually rigged it/them.

8) Do you often develop new tools and techniques or you can reuse the same ones in some occasions?

Which are the tools and/or techniques you developed which you found most useful for your or the animator's workflow?

9) Which are the differences between rigging/collaborating with the animator in games production and in films or commercials production (if there are)?

10) Have you ever animated your own rigged characters? If yes please tell me in which occasion and talks about the limits and benefits of it.

11) Do you think having experience in both roles is useful for building animator friendly rigs or not, considered that every animator has his own preferences and way of working?

12) How do you approach problem solving? Do you approach it in the same way for your own rigged characters and characters rigged by someone else, or you use a different approach?

13) How and how much is scripting useful for both the rigger and the animator in your opinion?

14) What would you advice to a rigging newbie in terms of learning resources (books, tutorials, magazines, websites, ...) and working method?

15) Could you tell me which were the most frequent or greatest difficulties you had in working with animators?

16) Do you usually have to deal more with the animator than with other colleagues (ex. Modeler)?

17) How important is the quality of the geometry for the creation of a good rigging, both for realistic and cartoon characters?

18) Please add any comments about rigging for animation or anything related to rigging or more specific to your area of expertise or experience that you find useful.

19) Do you agree to having your interview of part of it published in my master's project essay?


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06 June 2011, 08:24 AM
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