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10 October 2003, 01:42 PM
Does anyone else here have trouble tying the angle of a captured brush to the bearing of an Intuos2 pen? If I go to Angle > Squeeze and reduce that to 99% or less first, then I am able to alter Angle > Angle manually via the slider and my captured brush will spin around no problem at all. I can do this with the brush size set pretty high too and still paint (100 pixel size easy). But if I change the Expression to bearing, nothing happens unless I move the Ang Range slider up. Unfortunately that causes all kinds of horrible insufficient memory problems and I'm lucky if I can set it to 180 to 360 degrees on a 15 pixel size captured brush. This makes absolutely no sense to me. If I can manually turn my brush via the Angle slider without any trouble, then why the heck is the bearing expression not tied to that instead of Ang Range? A bug or oversight perhaps? The Expression drop down box is grouped with the Angle slider and not the Ang Range slider, so my only guess is that this little function isn't working properly when it comes to an Intuos pad.

Any and all comments welcome and appreciated. Many thanks in advance!

PS: FWIW, going to Mouse > Bearing and changing that slider does nothing as well (not really important).

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