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06 June 2011, 02:48 AM
Hello, everyone!

This is my first post to the WIP thread. The good people at CGS feel that my latest piece needed a bit more cowbell. I know the best of the best come here so I feel like I'm auditioning for Justice League! :)


Avatar Press comic characters- LADY DEATH (front) & PURGATORY (background). Painted in Photoshop CS 3 w/ Wacom Tablet.(Illustrator CS3 for the chains)


The skin texture was created with a speckled brush and smudge tool, to give a more photo-realistic feel to both characters. I used the burn tool on low opacity to create veins on the body.

I changed the opacity settings of the Purgatory layer to 'Overlay' to pull the background colors together and add a bit of mystery to the image. The head stone is a throw back to The Simpsons Halloween specials. I know its random, but I just couldn't resist the lulz.

I would like to hear from primarily artists that do more high-end realistic 2D art on how to rework this so It can hang with the big boys.

A Few Requests

1. Do a quick Google image search on characters Lady Death & Purgatory before you comment so you can see the characters various looks for context.
2. Tell me what you like about the image (composition, color, textures, my interpretation of the characters etc...)
3. What you don't like about it (What I can do to improve this.)

Note: This should be viewed as an example of a cover (sans text), poster or promo art as opposed to an actual action scene from a graphic novel.

06 June 2011, 09:24 PM
hmmm ... i dunno kinda feels like different elements were mixed and matched, cut and pasted together almost as if things not properly integrated

decide on something, a (look/feel/texture) and get everything to follow

then there are some parts of it that kinda look like they were worked over with a soft edge brush or something, personally id try to stay away from softer edged brushes gives things a wierd feathery cloudy murky marshmellowy feel i dont think it works

some of these skin textures are pretty cool though, kinda reminds me of frank frazetta

i wonder how the composition would look if you took the giant hands, and made them more forground like elements, or flayed with the brightness and saturation of the background elements more, things get more saturated as u go further back right?

i dunno, im no pro myself. take it as a grain of salt. i can see u put in lots of time and energy into this, looks cool, keep at it

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06 June 2011, 09:24 PM
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