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06 June 2011, 11:44 PM
This is XPresso to randomize colors of each polygons easily.

sample movie

sample scene

1. This XPresso randomize UV coodinates to randomize colors.

2. While randomize, subdivision number is 10*10. So you can use 100 colors totally. This is fixed and not changed if polygon number is more or less than 100, also not changed for triangle porygons.

So you have to make 10*10 tile texture for the object. I used "Gradient" shader to make it in this sample file.

3. While randomize, you can specify "random seed". Changing the random seed shuffles the colors. In this sample file, the random seed is linked to time, so the colors are shuffled time by time.

06 June 2011, 03:38 PM
This is another way to change random colors in material.

sample movie

sample file

06 June 2011, 04:02 PM
Also this is another way to change colors.

At first time, I tried to flow the colors with standard C4D tools, but could not get answer.
So I have made this XPresso.

sample movie

sample file

This XPresso changes data in UVW tag "UVW", based on data in original UVW tag "UVW_org". So you have to first duplicate the UVW tag, then rename it to "UVW_org".
Also make sure that your "UVW" tag is at just right of the texture tag.
When there are multiple UVW tags in a object, texture tag takes UVW tag which is placed just right from the texture tag.

This XPresso is designed for objects like "plane" or "torus" which has regular UV coodinates. The other hand, some objects like "platonic" which has irregular UV coodinates, or objects including triangles do not work with this XPresso.

In this XPresso, userdatas are added to XPresso tag itself. This is because links to userdata under object are cut while copy/paste the XPresso to other objects.

1. "UVW_org", "UVW"
Here is a strage to store/take links to UVW tags automatically. You do not need to care them.

2. "number of U"
Put number of polygons in U direction into here.

3. "number of V"
Put number of polygons in V direction into here.

4. "wind_U"
Specify speed of flow to U direction. Minus values change flow dirction.

5. "wind_V"
Specify speed of flow to V direction. Minus values change flow dirction.

06 June 2011, 02:21 PM
Nice setup you have there tofuji, thanks very much.
An effect which comes near but isn't exactly the same
is to adress the polygons in your torus as clones and
manipulate them with a shader effector and a random effector.
In order to do that you have to seperate the polygons from each other.
A shatter deformer helps with that.

06 June 2011, 04:40 PM
Thanks Yader, for your good example with MoGraph.

Actually say, I do not know the MoGraph well. Then, can you do similar things with the MoGraph?

Surface Randomizer

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