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10 October 2003, 11:34 PM
Greetings to all,

Here we have Evocative, yet another fine critique forum that we're offering to allow artists a platform from which they can truly hone their skills and make good pieces of work into great pieces of art.

However, in order to allow this forum to grow to its full potential, we ask that users kindly and respectfully adhere to the following guidelines:

This forum is not about personal tastes -- it's about maximising an artists talent and the impact of the images they post. It's about creating art.

This forum is not about the technicalities of the images -- unless they detract from or impede the impact of an image.
The focus of the threads created should be with the intention of improving the "soul" of the image by portraying a strong emotion within the piece, and the critiques posted should follow this concept.

This forum is about learning to critically evaluate your work and learning the techniques to improve.

No fanboys, flames, spam or off topic posts please. This forum will be heavily moderated. Posts that are not acceptable will be removed without exception.

Please try and ensure that your work totally fits the guidelines. This means that ideally we're looking for work that is mostly complete, but needs some work on the emotional facet of it. Work that has technical errors are difficult to judge from an emotional standpoint since the errors detract from their message.

To quote Mark Snoswell, "Images posted MUST be at a reasonable stage of development so that TECHNICAL presentation dose not significantly detract from the artistic merits. We will accept finished works, work in progress and concept sketches. However they must be reasonably good technically so we can focus on the art."

If you're posting your image so that you can be clapped on the back, and are seeking only praise, then this is not the forum for you. We're looking only for artists who are interested in improving their work, not arguing about every single suggestion for improvement.

We particularly ask that people carefully consider whether or not their image is suitable for this forum before posting. Please use your discretion wisely - this forum is intended for serious artists only, and exists, as mentioned, for evolving your work to a higher state.

Some other points to be aware of:

Any subject matter is OK -- it doesn't have to be character centric.

2D and 3D are welcome.

Work at any stage is suitable for posting -- however it is expected that most works posted will be technically polished to begin with so we are not distracted by the unfinished nature of the image.

We hope that you enjoy the Evocative forum, and that it will provide a great pool of inspiration and resource to artists serious about taking their work to the next level.

The moderators of this forum will use their discretion when deciding on the suitability of threads posted here. If it seems that the thread goes against the stipulated guidelines, they will be moved out to the WIP or Gallery forums.

If you have any questions at all regarding this forum, please don't hesitate to send me a PM.