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06 June 2011, 05:16 PM
Mixamo is please to announce the release of our Auto-Rigging feature. Mixamo has been bettering the world of 3d animation for over two years now and in an attempt to streamline the rigging process we created a brand new Auto-Rigger system from scratch.

All online and in a matter of minutes you can have a fully rigged and skinned character ready for use in your scenes or games. No software to download, permanent back up, fbx output. Just point and click Auto-Rigging

If you give it a shot please leave some feedback, we would love to hear your thoughts.

06 June 2011, 11:22 PM
As a service, from seeing the video its pretty awesome! - very impressed here, from only needing a few markers.

Do you have any info on how it actually rigs it?

06 June 2011, 01:56 AM
that was pretty interesting

06 June 2011, 02:24 AM
Does anyone know the price for the rigging?

06 June 2011, 02:28 AM
Does anyone know the price for the rigging?

i found this in the services section

Single animation average price: $24 (ranging from $10 to $150 (
Subscription plan average price per animation: less than $10 (Subscription plan info (

06 June 2011, 05:29 AM
Wow that is very impressive!

06 June 2011, 05:59 AM
I tried it, riggig was good so far but the download would cost me 89$ ..

06 June 2011, 06:06 PM
Thank you guys for the interest. After looking at what was available we decided to develop our own solution to create something robust that would just work.

We can't talk much about how it rigs but it is our own IP and code and uses machine learning to learn the best rigging/skinning from real artists. On top of that we threw in a ridiculous amount of math to calculate optimal location of joints,deal with multilple overlapping/non-overlapping meshes etc.

The good news is that our little algorithm is a new born and will be improving over time since we are now getting tons of users and thus feedback that we use to improve it. Send your feedback and we will make it even better!

Right now it's $89

But with a Standard subscription it's about $49!

06 June 2011, 06:52 PM
Now that's what I call innovation! Very, very impressive work!

06 June 2011, 07:04 PM
So is the rig a straight FK / mocap rig?

Any plans of creating a more advanced IK / FK control rig for hand keyed animation?

06 June 2011, 10:16 PM

If your a 3ds Max user we have a script called the auto biped script that turns our output rigs into max native bipeds.

In the future we may look into other scripts that generate controls in maya as well as other platforms as they become more requested.


06 June 2011, 01:01 AM
You should license your rigging technology to Autodesk :D

Its amazing you guys can rig a mesh with 10 clicks in a web browser vs the nightmare it is in traditional applications.

06 June 2011, 05:05 PM
Works beautifully! The only serious issue I encountered after 3 attempts on different characters was with the thighs area. The bone is not long enough so the thighs are bent.

But this is heavy stuff :applause:

06 June 2011, 05:21 PM
@Kabab if anyone from autodesk wants to talk I'm right here :wavey:

@Weihalter can you drop me your account name at oliver @ so we can take a personal look at the problem. I would like to forward this kind of information to the devs so we can start looking to a fixing this type of error.

Cheers! :thumbsup:

06 June 2011, 08:12 PM
Awesome stuff!

06 June 2011, 11:19 PM

06 June 2011, 05:00 PM
Thanks everyone!

Just to note, we update the auto-rigging every other Tuesday so please check back after a few weeks to see our improved rigging.

Also a big thanks to users who have used/tried the service already. Your feedback is already in the pipeline and we are working hard to make it ever more robust.

Best Regards,

06 June 2011, 06:50 PM
Your tools look like they really streamline much of the animation process. I've been looking for a somewhat more flexible option than simply choosing between entire lengthy canned animations.

Have you guys thought about putting together a scripting language that would enable customers to create their own custom animations using your autorigging tools and piecing together more "primitive" canned operations?

Such a system would require being able to specify the body part(s) being moved (e.g. finger joint, finger, hand), the action to be performed (e.g. "rotate" for the case of moving only an individual finger joint; "curl" | "uncurl" for moving every joint in a finger; "clench" | "unclench" | "point" | etc. for posing an entire hand; and so forth - "primitives" could be combined together to produce more elaborate canned animations, but users would have the flexibility to create whatever animations they need. Additionally, some indication of the frame to start and stop animations or sub-animations in the overall animation sequence would be needed, perhaps a start frame and number of frames an animation is to play out over time would suffice.

I think the ultimate service would be (for the game engines you target, for example) to provide the ability to attach procedural animation abilities to models that are uploaded and then brought back into the game engine. Again, a system which would enable users to design reactions to forces applied to the uploaded model would be ideal.

Anyway, your technology looks promising, and it would be fantastic if it could be expanded upon in these ways. :thumbsup:

06 June 2011, 10:52 PM
@gameboy what your talking about seems like a language based animation system. At such micro and macro levels it would seem easier to just use a timeline based animation system like maya or 3ds max.

Animations are also never independent of another body part; so taking the arm animation of a walk and attaching it to a run would look bad. I feel it would be really hard to create a working system like you suggest that produces good looking animation.

06 June 2011, 08:46 PM
To all our users, if you have any feedback you want to share or features to request please let me know. We're going to have a meeting at the end of this week about features and if you have a great idea we want to hear it!

07 July 2011, 10:33 PM
Hey guys !

Mixamo is excited to announce our first Character Contest. We know there are a lot of talented character artists using our services and we want to help you show off your work! If you are interested in entering, follow the submission process guidelines below. Mixamo will select a group of finalists and then have the community vote.

1st place: $1,000 cash and 50 Mixamo Credits + professionally generated render and animation of your character
2nd place: $500 cash and 30 Mixamo Credits
3rd place: $300 cash and 15 Mixamo Credits

Go check it here : Mixamo character contest (

Deadline : August 21st

Submission process
1. Create your character (create one from scratch or download one of our base meshes here)
2. Put you character file (obj or fbx) into a folder with your textures and zip it.
3. Send the zipped folder to

Also, take the opportunity to try our updated auto-rigger ( ! (

What say you ?

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