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06 June 2011, 06:01 AM
I've been wondering on these pages quite for a while now, and found many good techniques, solutions and hints. So i figured that it would be appropriate moment to salud at least once everybody of my tribe, the weird ones, those who stare at the code and vertices. And write toys, which we, little happy users all around, mercilessly use and abuse. During the working hours, in our free time, and even during, and sometimes instead of, sleeping.
Thank you for all the suggestions, tips and such...

You end up confronting the software quite some. The contact which user can establish with some code and thus consecutivly on some level even with its author, which is basically you, reader, can become very deep and it can get quite personal.
I mean, every new version of any major part of your production pipeline, and you end up hanging around usual places trying to collect your fair share of various tools and utilities, which your professional engagement, and your state of mind, may and do deppend on.

In the process, what do you do? Well, you hang around the guy's webpage, you even get to check his gallery.
And then, there you are, all wicked and happy, trying to make a peace of software do something it probably wasnt ever meant for to do in the first place. And you think, silently at first, "who, in the name of _ _ _ _ _ (some entity) could ever put such ideas out of their heads."
Then you need to get some solution to some problem. Sliding over imense seas of forums, hosts of various topics, where supposed anonimity should be reining, and you bump on the same people all the time. Happily sharing advises and wisdom with anybody who happens to fancy it.

I fancy it. So, cheers to everybody here. It does help, and it is appreciated.

I just published first script. Hence euphoria.

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06 June 2011, 06:01 AM
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