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05 May 2011, 04:47 PM
If you select x amount of items in the list on the left and move them to the right and then hit the "X" clear button. Then click the "<" arrow. It will populate the right list with the objects you just removed from it.

It should not do anything.

check it out.

try(destroyDialog ::rltest)catch()
rollout rltest "test"
fn fnListControls oldLst newLst oldArr newArr = ( -- add Objects to list
local currSel = oldLst.selection
for i = oldLst.items.count to 1 by -1 where currSel[i] do (appendIfUnique newArr oldLst.items[i])
newLst.items = sort newArr
for i = oldLst.items.count to 1 by -1 where currSel[i] do (deleteItem oldArr i)
oldLst.items = for i in oldArr collect i -- update list with array
oldLst.selection = #{}
fn fnClearBlackList newList newArr oldList oldArr = -- Clear Blacklist
for itm in oldArr do appendIfUnique newArr itm
newList.items = sort newArr
oldArr = #()
oldList.items = oldArr

local whiteListedArr = #("Render01","Render02","Render03","Render04","Render05","Render06")
local blackListedArr = #()

MultiListBox mlbWhiteSlaves "Whitelisted Slaves:" items:whiteListedArr pos:[5,5] width:130 height:12
MultiListBox mlbBlackSlaves "Blacklisted Slaves:" pos:[167,5] width:130 height:12
button btnMoveToKT ">" height:30 width:30 pos:[136,22]
button btnRemoveFromKT "<" height:30 width:30 pos:[136,54]
button btnClearKT "X" height:30 width:30 pos:[136,86]

on btnMoveToKT pressed do
fnListControls mlbWhiteSlaves mlbBlackSlaves whiteListedArr blackListedArr

on btnRemoveFromKT pressed do
fnListControls mlbBlackSlaves mlbWhiteSlaves blackListedArr whiteListedArr

on btnClearKT pressed do
fnClearBlackList mlbWhiteSlaves whiteListedArr mlbBlackSlaves blackListedArr

createDialog rltest 300 190

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05 May 2011, 04:47 PM
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