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05-28-2011, 12:14 AM
I am trying to understand the LoadSaveAnimation Core Interface and found the reference is a bit unclear ,so I have some questions(better explain the whole page if possible:)):

What is this for :LoadSaveAnimation.saveAnimationNodeAnim ? what does <&Interface array>nodeAnims mean ?

What does LoadSaveAnimation.setUpAnimsForSavemean, why prepare the node and how?
also includePB2s:<boolean>stripLayers:<boolean> ????

Why it is so hard ?or learning dot net harder as I can't write my custom tool ...for now?

Thank you

05-28-2011, 04:00 PM
I have found from the listener a macro script function that save animation for a specific controller.
(by the way one is supposed to find the direct commands in the listener instead of searching for macro scripts that store functions in another script or whatever)

it uses this function:

<filename>LoadSaveAnimation.saveAnimationDlgFromAnims <&maxObject array>anims <&maxObject array>clients <&integer array>subNums

anims is In and Out parameter

clients is In and Out parameter

subNums is In and Out parameter

Of course it uses methods related to the track view but I'm not so I tried to use other methods
for saving the animation of the x position:

anims =is the controller it self :$.position.controller[1].controller
clients=the parent of the controller=$.position.controller

this I can do, I think
But that:

for saving the animation of the radius(I aim for custom attributes):
anims =is the controller it self :$.baseobject[1].controller
clients=the parent of the controller=ReferenceTarget:ParamBlock

I got to the point that I do not know what i am asking.

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