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05 May 2011, 07:27 AM
I don't really know where to honestly put this... It seems more appropriate here.

I'm not necessarily looking for any type of critiques (yet) on my works as a whole, but it's really late where I am, and I guess this is generally the time where I become more reflective.

I was flipping through the oh-so popular art site DA and I realized why I end up having trouble drawing an idea initially in my head after going to the site. I obviously lose my 'imagination' especially when I am looking for images to build upon it. But I've come to realize that most of the pictures I've been looking at in the past few years have been rather... static and boring. I mean I see a lot of people who have great technique and are considered good but it never feels like the person/place/thing they draw is actually alive and real if you know what I mean.

It just occurred to me that when I should draw I shouldn't restrict the viewer from imagining what went on/what is going on/what will go on or if it's a pose (like a model or something) try to draw something that allows the viewer to kind of put itself in the shoes or location of the subject.

I know it sounds a little hippie, but I feel like other than saying "I want to improve my art by learning how to draw perspective or hands or whatever" -- which nothing is wrong with practicing any of those, I feel like it's more worthwhile and a little different to try to improve by sketching more (I guess) candid drawings.

I'm sure many people feel the need to still improve, other than the usual things, does anyone feel the need to improve on an aspect of their work that they feel will make their work more special? If you feel like you're over that curve, discuss something you have done in the past.

TL;DR: I realized what I should improve on besides hands, feet, proportionate heads, perspective, yadda yadda. I am planning to make it a goal to draw cooler stuff that I can feel proud of. Discuss.

05 May 2011, 06:05 AM
You might want to read this thread for some insights regarding the different elements that contribute to a piece of artwork's overall merit:

Beyond that, you should also read the description for week one's focus of this course in the "Week by week outline" section:

Notice all the different aspects of emotional and intellectual resonance, visual narratives, storytelling techniques...etc mentioned--those are the things that make images compelling to the audience. That is what you need to pay attention to and study beyond the essential visual art foundations.

06 June 2011, 04:13 PM
Haha, this reminds me of week 1 of Robertīs Workshop. I donīt want to sound like an advertiser too much but Robertīs workshop pretty much is a fast track way into greatness.

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06 June 2011, 04:13 PM
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