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05 May 2011, 03:48 PM
VoluMedic OG Announces VoluMedic™ Version 3.0 and Special Pricing
Graz, Austria – May 25th, 2011 – VoluMedic OG, a leading developer of custom LightWave plugins and 3D graphics software, today announced VoluMedic 3.0 the next generation of the award winning software for the editing, viewing, rendering and analysis of volume data.
VoluMedic 3.0 is a free update for all current users of VoluMedic 2.0!

Among the many improvements in VoluMedic 3.0, is a completely rewritten OpenGL volume renderer that leverages the full power of the GPU for previewing volumetric objects inside LightWave's Viewports.
“The new GPU- raycaster is able to deliver results that are very close to the final rendering”, said Elmar Moelzer, the product developer of VoluMedic. “Users can now interactively edit the opacity and color textures as well as many other parameters and see the result rendered in realtime at full screen resolution. Several quality levels ensure smooth performance even on somewhat dated graphics hardware.”

New Features in VoluMedic 3.0 Include:

GPU accelerated raycasting in LightWave's Viewports.

New, streamlined user interface.

Slice views are now available inside LightWave's viewports, replacing the Slice Editor panel (which is still available). The volume data is displayed and resliced according to three relative coordinate systems (dataset, object and world).

Painting, measurement and segmentation of volume data can now be done directly in the LightWave viewports (3D and 2D views).

Tools for automatic, semi- automatic and manual pre- orientation of volume data. This is particularly important if data always has to be aligned the same way for reliable measurement and analysis. Reoriented data is correctly resliced and displayed in realtime in the 2D and 3D Views.

Eight new Shading Quality modes for the software renderer that do not only look better, but also render much faster than those available in version 2.0. The same Shading Quality levels also affect the new GPU- Raycaster, making a manual selection of shaders unnecessary.

New requesters for the reduction of dataset and OpenGL texture sizes make very large datasets viewable even on systems with otherwise insufficient memory (at a slightly reduced quality).

Improved support for the interactive ViewPort Renderer (VPR) in LightWave 10 and later.
Switch between GPU and CPU rendering at any time! Use whatever fits your workflow and your hardware!

Faster, multithreaded filters and importers.

New compressed VoluMedic format for more efficient storage, as well as faster loading and saving.

Improved Analyze and DICOM- Importers.
VoluMedic 3.0 Presentation Video (

About VoluMedic™VoluMedic is a suite of tools for LightWave3D®, the award winning 3D animation software by NewTek Inc..
VoluMedic and LightWave3D together form a software package capable of loading, manipulating, measuring and rendering volumetric data from sources such as computed tomography, magnetic resonance tomography, 3D ultrasound, PET, SPECT, digital microscopy and more.
The vast tool set provided by VoluMedic and LightWave3D is unsurpassed by competing volume visualization software.
VoluMedic is flexible enough to be used not only for medical visualization, but also for material science, non destructive testing, forensic animation, biology, geology and even astronomy.
The combination of VoluMedic's excellent software volume renderer and LightWave's industry standard animation tools, allow VoluMedic to act as a leading tool in award winning TV and film productions, such as the Emmy award winning documentary "Inside the Living Body" (2008 Emmy for best visual effects in a documentary) by National Geographic Channel and "CSI:Crime Scene Investigation".

Pricing and Availability:
VoluMedic 2.0 is now available for a reduced price (with a free upgrade to version 3.0 when it ships).

VoluMedic: Plugin
Order VoluMedic: Plugin now for a reduced suggested retail price of 1,599 Euro (USD 2,299)!
This version of VoluMedic is meant for existing users of LightWave3D who want to enhance LightWave’s toolset with the functionality of VoluMedic. The package includes VoluMedic installation CD, menu config files and printed manual.

VoluMedic: Complete
Order VoluMedic Complete now for a reduced price of 2,399 Euro (USD 2,899)!
VoluMedic Complete includes one seat of VoluMedic Plugin and one seat of LightWave3D in a single package. It is meant for users that do not own LightWave3D yet.
The Package includes VoluMedic installation CD, menu config files, manual and the full package of LightWave3D (installation CDs, content CDs, manual, dongle).

VoluMedic: System
A complete turnkey system. The Package includes VoluMedic installation CD, menu config files, manual and the full package of LightWave3D (Installation CDs, content CDs, manual, dongle) all ready to go on a high end workstation.
Please contact our sales department for up to date hardware specs and pricing information.

VoluMedic 2.0/3.0 Upgrade
Update any previous version of VoluMedic to VoluMedic 2.0 now for the reduced price of 890 Euro (USD 1,290) and get a free upgrade to VoluMedic 3.0 when it ships!

This special is valid until VoluMedic 3.0 ships, but at least until July 1st 2011.

For more information or to purchase, visit: (
North American customers, please visit Safe Harbor Computers at (
Customers from Japan please contact D- Storm, Inc. for more information

About VoluMedic OG
Funded in 2000, the company quickly evolved from an animation and media production company to a provider of specialized computer graphics solutions with a focus on the development of volume rendering software.
The flagship product VoluMedic™, an add- on for the Emmy award winning visual effects software LightWave3D by NewTek, is a leading software for the import, manipulation, analysis and rendering of three dimensional volume data.
The VoluMedic render- technology can be licensed separately and has been successfully used in FDA approved medical imaging software.
The VoluMedic OG also offers custom software development services in other fields related to computer graphics.
Clients include AVL- List GmbH, Pioneer Productions, Xvivo, Zizala Lichtsysteme GmbH and Zoic Studios.

About NewTek
With headquarters in San Antonio, Texas, NewTek is a leading provider of full-featured video editing, live production, presentation and visual effects tools including TriCaster™, VT[5]™, SpeedEDIT™, 3D Arsenal™ and LightWave 3D™.

VoluMedic is a registered trademark of VoluMedic OG.
LightWave and LightWave 3D are registered trademarks of NewTek, Inc.
LightWave 3D is a NewTek product and is used with permission by NewTek, Inc.
DICOM is the registered trademark of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association for its standards publications relating to digital communications of medical information.
All other trademarks or brand names mentioned are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

05 May 2011, 04:46 PM
I have upped the video on youtube as well, since some people had problems with the Vimeo video:

05 May 2011, 01:31 AM
I'm maya user, are you planning maya plugin as well?
What kinds of CAT data is possible to import and how automatic or not it is to build it?
Is it possible to convert volume data to polygons models? Possible connection with 3Dcoat?
Is it possible to test your system demo version of both lightwave and plugin?



Just to introduce myself:

05 May 2011, 01:47 AM
Hey Aleksandar

I'm maya user, are you planning maya plugin as well?

At the moment we have no plans for a MAYA- plugin, I am sorry.

What kinds of CAT data is possible to import and how automatic or not it is to build it?

We support DICOM (with DICOMDIR), RAW, Analyze and REK. We can also convert any image series that LightWave can read into a volume.
Distances between slices currently must not vary, but otherwise all CT data should work fine. Of course DICOM is a bit of a non standard with dozens of vendors making their own modifications and variations. So there can always be the odd file that refuses to work.
In addition to medical CT data, we have also tested micro and nano CT scans of both organic and anorganic samples.
In addition to CT data, we can also use volume data from a wide range of modalities, like MRI, PET and histological cuts (a la visible human).

Is it possible to convert volume data to polygons models?

Yes both the conversion of volume data into polgyon models (even as an all quad mesh) as well as closed polygon models into volume data is possible.

Is it possible to test your system demo version of both lightwave and plugin?

We do not have a demo version of VoluMedic 3.0 yet, but there is a demo of version 2.0 and NewTek should have a demo version of LightWave as well.Link to LightWave 10 demo:

Link to VoluMedic 2.0 demo:

Please note that VoluMedic 3.0 is very different from VoluMedic 2.0. So the demo of 2.0 might not be very representative.
We will hopefully have a demo of 3.0 shortly though.

Kindest Regards

05 May 2011, 09:55 PM
Very nice, VoluMedic 3.0 looks like a great set of tools!

greets, Phil (student of biomedical engineering)

06 June 2011, 08:24 AM
Please inform us when you have version 3 demo ready.

Thank you


06 June 2011, 06:39 PM
I will make sure to do that!

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