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06 June 2002, 10:31 PM
where can i find a tutorial on making a texture for a weapon cause i cant find it anyware on the internet

06 June 2002, 03:18 AM
You probably wont find any tutorials on how to make weapons, but I have worked as an artist in the game industry, and funnily enough, have also textured weapons. We did it the easiest and best looking way (IMO) which is using photographs. Obviously if you are making a weapon up you will need to go about it differently, but if you are making an existing weapon, theres a good chance youll be able to find images on the net, or in books that you can scan (if you find a good side on angle) and map directly onto the weapon. If your modeling is slightly off youll need to modify it or the texture, and youll have to do some modifications to prevent stretching of the texture, but this is definately the easiest thing to do.
If you are making a texture from scratch, taking side on/top down renders (depending again on the weapon) and then bringing that into photoshop is the best way to go. You could you a multitude of mechanical/metal textures to create a convincing texture. Look at existing weapons to see what pieces go where and how you could add them to your own weapon.

If you need me to go through any of this further dont hesitate to ask!


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