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05-19-2011, 12:54 PM

Industriromantik (http://www.industriromantik.se) was contracted to create a CG movie showcasing the third generation of Parans (http://www.parans.com/) products. In short the film celebrates the sun and how it affects exterior and interior moods and in a larger perspective – life.

Watch the film here:

Parans (http://www.parans.com/) offers sunlight for indoor environments through an innovative system that captures and directs the rays of the sun. In a simple way Parans allows you to get natural sunlight in every room; receiver on the outside, cables that transport the light through the property and luminaries that spreads the light on the inside.

Team Industriromantik

Andreas Bengtsson

Exterior Modeling, Texturing & Lighting
Patrik Zachrisson

Interior Modeling, Texturing & Lighting
Linus Segerstig

Andreas Bengtsson

Compositing & Editing
Andreas Bengtsson

Elias Holmström

Stills from the film:

http://www.industriromantik.se/cropped-images/404/parans_01.png http://www.industriromantik.se/cropped-images/404/parans_02.png http://www.industriromantik.se/cropped-images/404/parans_03.png http://www.industriromantik.se/cropped-images/404/parans_04.png http://www.industriromantik.se/cropped-images/404/parans_05.png http://www.industriromantik.se/cropped-images/404/parans_06.png http://www.industriromantik.se/cropped-images/404/parans_07.png

06-05-2011, 11:49 PM
Absolutely Stunning Work And Detail And Lighting And Everything It's Just Perfect 10/10

06-07-2011, 12:47 AM
I love it! the renders are almost Alex Roman's quality. :bowdown:

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