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05 May 2011, 01:04 AM
Hey, I've been working on a little side project in the office and I happened to receive a high poly version of a hand (just the hand) which was exported directly out of ZBrush around the fourth or fifth level of subdivision (quite poly heavy) and about 382,000 quads.

I just wanted to know if:

a) it's possible to skin such a high poly model? and,
b) what would be my alternatives other than asking for a less dense mesh?

05 May 2011, 02:07 AM
painting weight on such a dense mesh would be a pain..

If I were you will make a lo version of the hand to skin and paint weight then I will copy the skin weight to the hi version. So, what needed, is just a minor tweak.

05 May 2011, 03:08 PM
man, such dense mesh i haven't seen yet. only smooth mesh preview of the whole character had once 300k, but just a hand? heh... i'd advise you right away that it's nonsense handling such density in rigging tasks. what you guys should do is a displacement map from the highest lvl, and he should give you the lvl 2 or something, even 20k unsmoothed is way overboard for a hand, if you're gonna use a displacement map. i would go for something like 5k, 10k max, to keep the deformations in control.

other options then asking for it? do it yourself ^^ sorry, but at this point, i dont see any other logical outcome. even him handing you the highest lvl from zbrush to rig, was nothing short of very silly. mudbox 2012 has this cool feature called "rebuild subdivision levels", with which you would be amazingly easy able to extract the 'low' poly version, and then just ask him for a displacement or do that yourself too...

keep in mind that skinning such high density mesh will be obviously unanimatable without a low-poly proxy, so you have to get the low poly anyways :)

05 May 2011, 06:00 PM
everything nemeru said plus...

If you are using 3D Max you can ask for the lowest poly version of the mesh and skin that. Then use the skin wrap modifier and it will stick to the low poly mesh.

05 May 2011, 08:50 PM
everything martinez said plus...

If you are using Maya you can ask for the lowest poly version of the mesh and skin that. Then use the Wrap deformer and it will stick to the low poly mesh.

haha.... but seriously, i don't know about Max's awesomeness, as I tend to avoid it like silver and garlic (what? ...) but I know for damn sure wrapping 300k poly mesh is gonna be slow as ****, plus it gives you absolutely no advantages over the displacement map. I see only disadvantages, that being that wrap slows your viewport like crazy, but displacement happens at render time, so you don't have to worry about nada ^^

but again, that's Maya, dunno about Max...

05 May 2011, 11:58 PM
nuternativ, nemeru, martinez - Thanks so much for your replies. I've already asked the modeler to give me a lo res version of the hand to rig. Thankfully the rig itself is ready, I just need a mesh to skin it to, so it shouldn't take long once I get the mesh in place. As some of you have suggested I think I will go with a displacement map.

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