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05 May 2011, 02:23 PM
Hey, since a year i occupy myself with deformation setups including corrective blendshapes, muscle tools and other techniques. and i find out a difficult problem. if i want to you use maya cmuscle and corrective blendshapes together in one setup, is not possible to use the blendshpes correctly. tolls like the pose space deformer from comet doesn´t work. i look in the web, but i can´t find a solution. i asked professional character tds and it turns out that this is a known problem and greater studios have a special solution for that. I would like to ask if somebody knows this problem in this forum?? or somebody has develped a script?



05 May 2011, 04:47 PM
One thing you can try is to use the muscles to create your corrective shapes, then apply those as pose deformers on a smooth-skinned version of the character.

05 May 2011, 10:41 PM
im sometimes using comet's PSD on elbows and knees (since for more complex joints it... i don't want to say 'sucks' since i dont want to generalise, but for me, it doesn't work one bit on those joints ^^) and using muscles for the shoulders, and haven't hit any roadblocks yet.

i've grown to hate PSD for shoulders, but on simpler joints, it makes kinda ok-ish results. i would advise to avoid is as much as you can though, but that's just my preference.

i don't understand why you have trouble using both systems on a single mesh, i've done it and it worked :/

someone actually advised me once to use the muscles to create my corrective blendshapes and then aply em as PSDs, but that was a total no-no (in my case) when it comes to complex joints. Then again, im rigging humans, it might work for something with less realism...

what you're describing here is though 3 different systems for deformations.. you don't need that man-... well, depends on what you're rigging, but the three you're talking about, is a bit of an overkill i guess... :
you want realism? you're going with muscles for the whole body if you can OR muscles for shoulders and corr. blendshapes/PSD in one-way joints (they both perform very similarly, especially in these cases, so one of the two, no reason for inviting the third) apart from other deformers..
you don't need realism? you're probably good with just PSD or blendshapes, or even just good weighting

it all depends on what character are you rigging. one technique would be different to rig a cartoony char with thin-ass arms, another for a realistic female, and a completely different for a kick-ass muscle-ish monster. :)

as i said, used PSD and muscle system on one mesh recently and with no problems, runs beautifuly smooth.

05 May 2011, 08:49 AM
Hey Flip86,

I believe the real kicker with muscle simulations, PSD and other techniques is that first you need to understand how it all works in reality and then the work in simulating muscles/rigging will be much easier. I took a lot of drawing classes of the human body, go to a martial arts studio twice a week and I did a lot of med viz for the human anatomy. That helps me a lot in my rigging tasks and a lot of problems I have had simply dissapear because now I can use crap techniques like driven keys/blendshapes coupled with some scripts to maximum effect.

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05 May 2011, 08:49 AM
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