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05-12-2011, 02:26 AM
Many of us here at CGS are not professional illustrators but we are obviously still interested in creating and getting better at what we love to do ...

So i thought id create a thread that lists topics of study for aspiring illustrators.

These could be used as a guideline for rating potential study courses for those of us who are intending on formal study or used as a guide for informal study. (as I intend to do) They might also be used as a guide to help identify specific areas of interest and potential specialisation.

I've created a basic list below to get started, but would love any feedback, ideas, comments, crits, commendations etc ... especially from full time professional and student illustrators.


- Human Anatomy - All aspects of muscle form and human structure

- Face Focus - In Depth study of faces, female, male, old, young, creatures etc

- Amour and accessories - Studies of common forms of armour, cloth, leather and clothing

- Human Posing - commonly used pose studies

- Colour and lighting - colour and lighting studies across a broad range of subjects

- Flora and Fauna - real world studies

- Fantasy Architecture - Studies of common fantasy architecture

- Clouds, smoke, special effects - studies of how to create commonly used special effects

- Image Composition - Tension, focal points, colour and tonal balancing, story etc

- Painting Techniques - speed painting, sketching, colouring techniques, matte painting etc

- Animal and Creature Anatomy - common animal and creature studies, creature generation through referencing

05-12-2011, 07:39 AM
I think most people quite know this stuff, this helps us with the things to google, but direct or multiple website links would be a lot better.

05-12-2011, 08:02 AM
@DreadStunLock - Sorry man my mistake, i didnt really make it clear that this thread is designed to be a place to gather topics for study. Its not supposed to be a comprehensive list as is stands, i just wrote down the ones i could think of.

P.S. yeah links would be maddness,,, if anyone has any for any of the topics listed please post and ill update the original post

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