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05 May 2011, 11:38 PM

I recieved a mail like this:

Your submission has been declined for the following reason(s):
* We're very sorry to let you know that this work does not yet meet our standards as a completed piece for the Showcase Gallery. We'd like to encourage you to post your work in the WIP forum to develop it further before submitting it again.

So... I need critiques to improve and 'complete' this work. It's too late because it is a published artwork, but tell me what I can do to improve it.

Thanks in advance!!!

05 May 2011, 06:25 PM
There's a huge difference in quality between the girl and the rest of the image. The girl is also lit differently. Most of the separate elements seem to have different lighting setups, which is strange and looks pasted together. For instance, the girl seems to be lit evenly from the top left, top, top right and front. The guy's face, which is right behind her's is only affected by the light coming from above with some bounce light of her hair?

Everything also seems to have a very similar feel to it, as if everything is the same material. Some variation in texture would look nice and give variation to the image. Really rough stone texture for instance and grittyness elsewhere would only increase the smooth silky look of the girl. Her skin can than be made a bit rougher as it's overly plastic right now.

The mirror's reflection is that of a completely horizontal surface. But the mirror is held at an angle, so the reflection doesn't make sense. If the angle of incidence changes, so does the angle of reflection. Here's a link with a nice explanation. (

The hood of the guy is very high. Kind of as if he's had a conehead. His shoulders are lobsided (his left is higher). the cloak he's putting around her and his own clothes also need some seperation, as they fuse together.

But if you're not going to work on this anymore, this is all a bit pointless.

05 May 2011, 03:43 AM
Hey Raf,
First of all...awesome picture. I love it. Reminds me so much of Frazetta. I particularly love the figure of the sexy figure of the girl and the lighting on the knight's face. There are also some issues, most of them pointed out by Rico. The primary concern for me is that the brown color for everything isn't working for me. I think you should make the girl pop out more and the knight disappear more into the shadows. Also, I am highly distracted by the oversized axe and chain on the wall. They look poorly proportioned compared to everything else. The shoulders on the Knight are lopsided and need to be fixed. I think his hands are not quite the same size either. Paintover:

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05 May 2011, 03:43 AM
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