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01 January 2002, 01:24 PM
anyone hear anything good or bad aobut them thingking about buying a 22 inch for 700 was wondering if anyone had any info about em

01 January 2002, 03:24 PM
I heard they were pretty good, seems like a good buy

01 January 2002, 02:21 AM
I used to use a LaCie 22" CRT monitor at work for 2D stuff (no 3D, can't comment), and thus far, it holds the crown for the best monitor I've used. Phenomenal image, beautiful color management support, and can handle some excellent resolutions. It's a big-ass monitor though. You might wanna reinforce your desk before you plop that puppy down! :)

Note that LaCie (and Formac) merely use Mitsubishi/NEC tubes. LaCie doesn't acutally _make_ monitors -- they repackage Mitsubishi/NECs into a dark blue casing, throw in a sweet hood (GREAT when working with color management stuff), and slat LaCie's logo on the front. Take a look at the literature and specs (DIAMONDTRON Natural Flat tubes, frequencies, refresh rates, etc...) on each website -- you'll see.

LaCie's ElectronBlue22 ( used to be the same monitor as Mitsubishi's Diamond Pro 2060u NF ( <-- sorry, frames site :( ), however LaCie recently seems to have released the 'Blue22 III which is now slightly different (better, it seems).

For (US?)$700, thought, that LaCie is a steal. If you're willing to spend about US$150-200 more, though, NEC's MultiSync FP1375X looks like a killer CRT. It's basically the LaCie but it's got NEC's Ambix connector which is BOTH a regular VGA connector *AND* a DVI connector (for when you can spend yet more money for a new graphics card ;) I've been shopping for a new monitor myself, and I've decided on this one (despite flat panels "getting cheaper and cheaper!!", but I'm still a broke monkey :( )

Anyway, look into it if you want and be sure to double-check features and specs. If you can afford the money/power consumption/additional graphics card, I'd still recommend a dual monitor setup. There's nothing like being able to have all of your viewports on one monitor and all your pallettes on the other!

Eric Cartman: "My momma said that tricked out 3D workstation with a dual-head monitor setup is pretty cool...."

cheers :)

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