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05 May 2011, 08:26 PM

I live in Scotland and I currently attend Highschool and I currently study

Graphic Communication (Credit/General Level)

Computing Studies (Credit/General Level)
Modern Studies (Credit/General Level)
Music (Credit/General Level)
Physics (Credit/General Level)
Maths (Awaiting Result)
English (Awaiting Result)
By the time I leave (3 Years) will this be enough for me to study 3D Animation in colleges/universitys?

My plan is to emigrate to North America or Canada and work for a company like Pixar or Dreamworks what other skills/degrees would I need for a company like that to employe me also would I be able to apply for a job a 3D animator job in the USA/Canada while living in Europe (Scotland) then try to emigrate if I get accepted?

I also have basic skills in

Autodesk Maya
Autodesk Mudbox
Autodesk 3DS MAX
Autodesk Inventor
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Dreamweaver
And hopefully soon I will begin to learn "C" and "C++"


05 May 2011, 09:52 PM
Hi there

I'd strongly recommend you throw in some Art (unless Graphic Communication teaches life drawing /perspective/composition and colour theory for example). I don't know how much your qualifications will be worth regarding UCAS points - are these courses the equivalents of GCSEs or A-Levels? but you'll need quite high scores to get into a decent animation course. You'll also need a good portfolio of art, both traditional and digital.

Getting hired by Pixar/Dreamworks is extremely unlikely without many years of industry experience first. Also you'll need a degree to get past US immigration (and quite possibly they'll want more than a degree). Have a look at companies in the UK who make work that impresses you and aim for them first, work for them for a few years and build up the skills and experience and then apply for the US.

If you want to know what skills Pixar look for, their jobs page will tell you.

If you look at what an animator requires:

- Degree or certificate in classical animation, film, or related field, or equivalent production animation experience
- Must have a DVD demo reel that demonstrates application of the principles of animation to tell a story with meaning through movement
- Ability to work collaboratively
- Must be open to direction and able to embrace change
- Proven storytelling skills
- Ability to use acting skills, which bring characters to life, as well as clearly communicate simple ideas with which an audience can empathize
- Strong understanding of traditional animation principles
- An art background, which shows a thorough, understanding of physical motion, weight, balance, texture, and form
- Computer animation experience preferred but not required

you can see that acting classes would help a lot, as would an art background. Each position would require different skills and it's unlikely that you will know where your strongest talents yet lie, and you will probably only work that out after a couple of years of degree education. Pixar do have an internship scheme (you'll find it on the above link) but it is extremely popular so you have to be amazing to stand out enough to get chosen.

I do not wish to destroy your dreams in anyway at all, dreams are important because they give you ambition. If you really want this go for it, but perhaps have a more realistic backup plan as well.

Good luck

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