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05 May 2011, 06:05 PM
Hell o all CG members I'm new and my English grammar is very poor, so forgive me on that part. I just get straight to the question then. Thank in advance for taking the time to read this, and help a new beginner out. :D

Between Animation Mentor and IAnimate which of this school would you recommend for a beginners with no skill and knowledge about Animation?
How hard is it to land a job in this field?
What does it take to be able to get a position/job after graduation?
Are there a wide variety of Job types for Animation?
Do I need to learn other program such as 2D/3D Modeling, Art, Visual Effect, Graphic Design to be able to look for a jobs or land one in the Multimedia Artist industry?
Should I work as a freelancer or work for a company?
Is the Animation industry growing or no?
Do I need to learn how to draw or have a good understanding in art?
The reason I ask all this question is because I'm thinking of applying for one of this school, but I'm afraid that I can not do it. Since I completely have no skill or knowledge understanding of Animation. Well if you ask me since I don't know anything about Animation then why would I want to go for animation? Well I all way dream of making games and I don't mean programming I meant making those model move. Playing games is my biggest hobby but it also give me the idea of wanting to go in to the animation field. I want to be able to make those model like in game and make them move. Right now I'm still hesitate on whether I should go for it or not so I don't get in to debt and wasting the time and money. Any way thank you for helping a new comber and beginners. :D

05 May 2011, 07:14 PM
Most of what you asked can be researched with little bit of work and help from google :)

I'll address some of your questions:

Regardless of program, both are excellent, your success will depend on how much you want to put in. You can come in with no knowledge but be prepared to work on your own to learn and practice the principles taught. Both programs really require self discipline to study and practice, taking initiative to learn things beyond what is covered.

Jobs are VERY competative and it is all based on your skills demonstrated, i.e. rockin demo reel, and your networking with others in the industry. Either program is NOT a guarentee of a job.

Lot's of job options from feature animation to games, to commercial work and beyond.

Obviously you will need to learn other software packages to remain competative. Both AM and ianimate lean towards Maya use as well as using tools like Flipbook for pencil tests. But you can pickup the skills on any software. The software is just a tool.

It's your choice on where you work, freelance vs company, there are too many pros-cons to list.

Look around you, how much animation do you see? Games, film, TV, online...There is plenty of work, but not so much for so-so artists. As with everything in life, only the best survive. You will always be learning, there is no program that will give you ultimate knowledge. Work hard, be humble when given feedback and strive to be the best.

There are plenty of free sources for beginning animation tutorials, from traditional hand drawn to 3D...maybe before you jump in head first, you should investigate whether or not you will enjoy the actual work. Fine art skills are also very important. Ultimately, you need to take a first step and worry less aout having everything you need and just do it and do it with everything you got!



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05 May 2011, 07:14 PM
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