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05 May 2011, 09:24 AM
Living in Australia, have both Aus and NZ citizenship
Year 12 at the moment, so HSC year (for those unaware, it's essentially a big test all Australian high school students can do to get into university), however I'm under the impression that studying any art or design course in any of the universities in Sydney won't do me much good in terms of furthering my skill in CG. If you know better, I'd love to hear about it.

So ATM, I'm thinking of either applying for Qantm in Sydney (close to me) or Media Design School in New Zealand (will have to live alone for a year or 2). I'd like to hear about any experiences anyone's had with either, or alternatively if you've been taught at another school in Sydney.

I've checked out Qantm's site, the only 3D graphics courses they have all major in animation, which would be fin except their gallery lacks animations, so I can't make a judgement on how much I can get out of that. Some of the 3D works are quite good, although I believe with a bit of time, I could teach myself to produce much better work.
They also have a scholarship which I will apply for.
Their Gallery:
You can check my CGS portfolio or my dA gallery:
I'm open to your opinions.

Media Design School on the other hand seems much better, even recently being featured on this site, although as I mentioned I'll have to live in another country for a while. I contacted them earlier, asking for their opinion on my skill so far, and they said I should be able to successfully enrol to their Advanced 3D productions course.

So my question becomes this, do I take the easier option and go to Qantm, with the chance of a scholarship, or the significantly harder and more expensive option of going to the better school, Media Design School?
Alternatively if you know of any other schools/options I'd love to hear about them.

05 May 2011, 08:30 AM
I'm a student at media design school doing the graduate diploma in advanced 3d productions (the one you're keen on), so maybe I can help.

I left high school at 15, it has not affected me negatively in any way whatsoever. It might hurt people who want a career change.

But as for your choice of schools, well, it should be obvious to drop the money on a better school within reasonable extent, what you learn affects your work, affects the jobs you get, you'll get more money in the end from knowing more.

I'd embrace living in another country :) Avoid Auckland Central living where possible, it's VERY cramped and noisy, try to get a flat just outside of the city but within walking distance, or at least 1 stage on the bus.

Oh, and be prepared to give up any semblance of a life you were hoping to have ;) Also we just moved into a new building. It's big. You get a dedicated mac to use throughout the year with a 27" monitor and i5 or i7 CPU + 8GB RAM hooked up to a raid array server used solely for advanced 3D.

What's your animation, lighting, modelling, and composition like? Wouldn't mind seeing what you showed them.

05 May 2011, 01:18 PM
Yeah, I felt kinda dumb having to ask, but it wouldn't hurt to ask if Qantm was better than I made it out to be.

I'm a bit iffy about living alone for a year or 2, I'll need to learn to cook, clean etc, plus working part time to pay rent for the apartment (unless I have any relatives or parents friends), it won't kill me but it'll come close lol

Thanks for the tip. Yeah, they posted the pics on their Facebook page, the new building looks great. So each student has their own Mac?
Did you do the 3D animation course, or get into Advanced through portfolio, I'd like to see yours as well.

This is my deviantArt: I don't go on often, but it's a central online site for my work, until I get my own site( unless CGS also allows traditional works to be uploaded).
I've been busy lately, so I haven't been practising CG for a while, but my modelling and composition are alright, lighting's basic, and animation is whatever I learnt from tutorials.

05 May 2011, 06:52 PM
Your traditional work is good, you might struggle a bit with the 3D aspect. You might as well go ahead and apply for it regardless if you decide to go to MDS and let them decide if you're up to standard. Not saying yours isn't good, just saying, the standards are very high. If you have a strong point and weak point, you'll simply be given work during productions that you are better at, no one's going to make you animate if you can't do it. Of course, you'll struggle immensely through the formatives for it.

As for working while doing adv 3D, some people pull it off, but not without suffering. Pretty much don't have time to work while doing this course. As for cooking, all I really have time to do is get some ham/cheese/bread/butter and make sandwiches for lunch, don't eat breakfast, then precooked sausages/hash browns or something for dinner. Hardly have to cook to heat food up :P That said, I can cook, but it's not very helpful to me atm.

Yeah, each student has own mac, kept within the building of course just so there's no confusion... :P

I did the 3D animation course, then went onto adv 3D. The reel I used as a portfolio can be found here:

I got 75% in marks for that, marked down from some flickering. Almost tempted to redo it now that I've been learning from adv 3D. :) There was the option to do either modelling/texturing or animation reels... keeping that in mind, I'm training to be a technical artist. Seems like I've ended up a generalist...

Anyway, let me know if you have any more questions.

05 May 2011, 05:05 AM
I have a long way to go before I can consider myself good, I took a long time to produce the Lambo and the Battlecruiser, but thanks for the heads up, and for the link. Now I can work against something, guess I'll also be looking for MDS's other student demo reels.

Was/Will finding a part-time job be difficult, or are there a number of fast food and chain stores around the area?
How do international students, or locals who live away from family go about with living arrangements, e.g. do they share apartments, live alone and does MDS help students find a place to stay?

Was the option between modelling/texturing or animation reels in 3D Animation course, or the Adv 3D course, or both?

Again, thanks for the help and advice.

05 May 2011, 06:29 AM
As for finding a part time job, I can't really tell you, it's been ages since I've had the time to work.

Most fast food chains hire primarily indians, asians, and middle eastern folk, they seem to be managed by them and as a result they employ their own and look out for their own. But to answer your question, yes, there are a LOT around here.

Without knowing your financial situation and making assumptions, you wont be able to afford to live alone I imagine. We have a student support coordinator (or something like that as far as the name goes), his name is Logan Bradley, and you could ask for him if you called the school and see what he advises. He works with a lot of international students. I imagine you will end up in either an apartment or flat with other students. But it's very hard to find a place...

The option between modelling/texturing and animation is for diploma in 3D animation, not advanced 3D. In advanced 3D we make full blown productions in teams.

05 May 2011, 08:00 AM
Wow racism is working for me for once, my Bengali genes will come in handy for getting a job

Logan Bradley, great, I'll call him closer to my enrolment date

Ah OK, thanks a lot for the help

BTW anyone else who reads this, if you go to any other school or have anything else to suggest, I'd love to hear it

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