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(thr right hand image is what i would like to achieve)
Im currently working on a robot ball for uni, most of my modeling is finished but i need to rig the thing. Any way my question is concerning the sensors i have onto of the robot. I want the head to pivot on a group of pistons (as displayed in the picture) but i cant figure out how to connect the top part of the head to the pistons and make the all work together. So far the pistons have a point constraint on the top and bottom of the balls. Its the first time i've really worked with constraints but any help is very appreciated. If anyone has any better techniques to rig this type of thing im very open to ideas.

05 May 2011, 01:06 PM
Hey Mike,

I've done plenty of robot rigging with lots of pistons!

They way to do it is point constrain the pivots of each half to whatever object will be driving them (as you already have done), then use aim constraints to aim each half at the other half, that way they will appear to slide in and out when you move them around. When using an aim constraint if you find it points completely in the wrong direction try changing the aim vector in the constraint settings window, and make sure the up vector is different to the aim vector otherwise you might get some strange results.

Hope that helps!

05 May 2011, 02:28 PM
Hey Buddy.

I just did a video, where I rigged a character. it had robot legs with pistons, I show a overview on the rig and I show how i did the pistons. I think it might help you.



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