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10 October 2003, 10:53 PM
been browsing to net the whole day for info and techniques but I'm out of ideas.

what I'm trying to do is mid-long stubby hair (a bit longer than short, but still standing straight out). its just for 3 patches of hair so its not very neatly packed togeather (the guy has been brutally beaten to death :) ). I don't want to use any hairgeneators, from curves and such, only simple polygons so I can use it in a game engine if the model turns out to be good.
I've never really found out how to do hair as gameartists do it (silent hill 3, soul calibur, dead or alive, virtua fighter... the list is getting longer and longer).

right now I have 3 cylinders within each other which I will texture

outer ring: brushy hair and lone harstraws
middle ring: the main hair, thick layer
inner ring: some sort of backup if you can see through the other layers.

this aint working very good as you can see and I would be thankful if someone had any tips for this sort of haircreation.

can't explain it very good at the moment (might have something to do with no sleep and too much modelling, I dunno) I'll uppload a picture.

now don't laugh, it has taken me 12 hours to make this :annoyed:

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