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04 April 2011, 02:38 PM
I received an email from CGSociety that this submission "did not meet our standards as a completed piece for the Showcase Gallery" and that it should be posted here in the WIP section. I don't get it.

Well - here it is. Maybe someone can tell me what I did wrong?

This was my original post:

Having fumbled around with Painter X for a couple of months - I finally came across some good speed-painting videos where I was able to see the brushes and setting used to make some of these stunning Painter images.

Using only the Oils > Standard Round brush - along with the Blender > Just add water brush - I was finally able to use the program the way I used to paint traditionally, which is, paint a little - blend a little - paint a little - blend a little.

As usual, the simplest tools and methods proved to be the easiest and most efficient. Took me about 10 hours in Corel Painter X using a Wacom Intuos 4.

Morgan Freeman is one of my favorite actors - just googled him and downloaded a picture for reference:

Halfway through, I realized that I wasn't really looking at a picture of Morgan Freeman. It's his wax dummy duplicate. Pretty funny.

Thanks for looking. Critiques welcome since this is my first serious piece done in Painter X.

04 April 2011, 04:51 PM
Maybe it would be helpful if I could see the original photo? I'd love to try to provide you with some feedback.
One of the first tinges of suggestion I have involve the eyes. I've discovered that bluish/purple make for really natural looking eye sockets.

I'm not sure why it was not submitted to CG Talk but that doesn't mean it isn't sparklingly fantastic.

He does kind of look like a wax figure now that you mention it.. because I don't see a lot of pores on his face. It doesn't bother me in the least, but it may have been one reason you weren't accepted.
This is my favorite facial hair tutorial that I am still studying. Check it out, maybe you can get a couple of ideas from it!

One other thing I'd consider changing is the background. He kind of sinks into it color-wise. Maybe a bit bluer?
Maybe CG Talk also wanted to see more than just a bust of him. Like you left the neck and don't have a collar or shirt or whatever he is wearing.
Lots of maybes in this post. Hope my insight helps. I think you did a great job:)

04 April 2011, 06:57 PM
There are a few things that I can see that are wrong without the reference:
-the ear
-upper eye socket
-upper eyelid fold
-fattiness under his lip on his right side
-the shadow to the right side of his right eye
-lower half of his face (eyes down) is a little long (1/6th or so)
-the shadow under his left cheek bone

There is more, but you should post your reference photo or photos you collected in order to draw this. If you didn't use photos, you should post pictures of the time frame your trying to go for. Also explain if your going for a stylized photo or photo reel. If you are aiming for a style you should post "similar" work your aiming for or same style. I hope to see the reference so I can give you a more constructive crit.

04 April 2011, 09:53 PM
BassGeisha, Williamwinkler - I appreciate your comments very much. The link for the reference photo was included in the post. Here is the actual picture:

I think you're right BassGeisha - a blue background might make him pop a little more. Thanks for the link - that is an awesome hair tutorial. Actually, that whole portfolio is pretty awesome.

Williamwinkler - let me know what you think. That is the only reference I used. I pretty much decided to do a portrait of Mr. Freeman - and that was the only pic that really caught my eye.

Again - thanks for the critiques - they are always appreciated :)

04 April 2011, 10:44 AM
Hey, I'm sorry I didn't read your whole post to see the reference image link. I made a very quick over paint of some things that where easy for me to show you, But I am also going to list some stuff that is not in the repaint.

-Over all there are issues where the shadows, lights, and shapes appear to be messed up because of transitions and value. Just keep going back over looking back at your reference section by section and pay attention to these types of things. Think of painting it in a grid, square by square once you've gotten down the likeness and over all placement.

-His left nostril hole needed to be rounded out on the end.

-The majority of the blacks in shadows should not be actual black (till the last little 5% to kick up the contrast), but are dark tones of the skin. The skin is translucent so the shadows will cast in the color of the objects its passing threw, like blood and skin tone. The best example I can point out easily is the nostril. Notice the shades of red, brown, and orange being cast threw into the nostril hole. You can also see the translucency of the edges of the nostrils on the very edge even, which makes the "blacks" not have a hard line. This appears all over the face like the shadows on the corner of the eye, under the brow, off the cheek bone, below the lips, under the eye bags, and in the wrinkles in his forehead to name a few. I painted a little of this to show.

- The eyes need to have more detail. There is more information in the blacks and shapes than you put in like the fleshy tear duct, water around the edges, blood vessels/vains in the eye ball, translucency of the eye, cast shadows from the lids, and varience of the flesh and how it holds the eye ball.

- Eye lashes on him are not black but a brown. They also are very thin and almost unnoticeable as strands or clumps tht come off the lid, but nice and brown where they are closer to the edge of the eye.

- The brige of his nose has a wider role off (painted a simple example)

- You hair is see threw in thick spots and I can see the back ground behind it, just fill in behind it. Not all the hairs should or can be seen as single strands. even the human eye will blurr this information due to focal planes.

- In the photo graph there is a focal plane where certain sections are in focus and certain sections are not. A good portion of the hair in not so blur it up, in relation to the focal plain. The farther away from it the more blurry.

- The skin is layers upon layers of blood, flesh, melonin, skin, and imperfections. Some layers are thicker or closer to the outside than others in different sections dure to bones, muscels, wear & tear, and other reasons. There sould be built up specks and scatered light/colors threw out his skin in different opacities.

- The ear needs to be drawn, paying attention to the shapes you see in there. It stand out to me like a sore thumb.

I really hope this information and critique helps push your pice more. It is very good and one of the better ones I have seen in the WIP section of this forum. Below is a little speed paint/touch up I did to help show examples of soem of these things. If you'd like to see what I was talking about with the skin check out these 2 pieces I'm working on manny and justin.
Manny ( Justin (

The bast of luck,

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04 April 2011, 10:44 AM
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