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04 April 2011, 10:36 PM
Hi all,

my idea for this year of DW is a God of diseases named Anaracon.

Anaracon is an underworld/hell god spreading disease,endless pain and death.

Originally Anaracon was a warlock, who wanted to tear up his kings soul and take control over the kingdom he lived in,because his mistress witch he loved so much was burned and decapitated during a witch hunt.
His try was successful.With usage of dark black magic and thousands of souls which he absorbed during his deadly devastation of the kingdom,Anaracon became insane,powerfull and blood lust.
He wanted to be immortal and unstoppable,so his next stop was hell.
Anaracon tried to kill Baal,but the fight was really tough.Baal was too powerfull and Anaracon summonned too many rats spreading disease in hell,that almost all demons and souls burning in endless fire died and hell became weak to resist "Heaven warriors",Archangels and heroes who tried to defeat hell.
Because there was no possible winner,Baal realized that it would be great to give Anaracon his requested immortality and enough power to face heaven warriors and take control over earth and heaven.
Because Anaracon knew that his powers and magic are too strong even for Baal,he requested more - turn into a God of disesases.
Baal was affraid of being defeated by Anaracon with his new god powers,so they made an agreement.Anaracon turned into god,but he had to give his heart to Baal.
Since that time Anaracon fights by side with Baal against heaven and fill hell with new souls.
Every century,Anacaron enters the "Earth portal",walks the earth with his army of rats and spread disease,pain and death.
He became really famous in 14th century with his "Black death" disease and highest score of 25 millions of victims now suffering in hell.

Anaracon uses rat minions.Easy and fast to breed, covered with large boils full of deadly liquid ,ready to get smashed by villagers/sinners and spread the virus in the region.
For calling them back he uses a special item -a ulstrasound pipe.

hope you understand my english and my story for Anaracon :surprised

04 April 2011, 10:39 PM
Im not used to do concepts for my works,so this is pretty basic concept of my idea - much more will come while sculpting and modelling - simply got my vision and ideas hidden in my brain ready to lead my hand when working.

some today 1 hour base sketch in zbrush

04 April 2011, 08:07 AM
Hi Tes, good to see you in DW battle. Character`s background is well imagined, I could mostly see all the pain around him :thumbsup: . The sketch is promising, but not as perfect as your usual zbrush work, which really matters. So I`m looking forward to your sculpts and 3d work!

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04 April 2011, 08:07 AM
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