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06 June 2002, 09:35 PM

76202 AE - Add a hotkey for set slopes to slope zero
79342 When a user deletes a key, the result is different from SI|3D.
79343 SI3D style slope appears longer in xsi than in SI3D
74145 Animation Mixer - audio is turned off when closing the window
78912 Export Action to ANI file, does not export slopes.
75875 AE - full SI3D style slopes (optional) support in XSI.
77342 Animation Mixer - when keyframes are edited in the Animation Editor, the keys are placed on incorrect frames
70289 AE - icons (and hotkeys) for quick access to the View menu choices (marked params, animated, selected)
78732 Delete marking set on one cube deletes it from another cube also
77888 Wrong result when doing "Zero slope lengh" whith SI 3DCurve style.
76647 Press the ? on the dopesheet PPG -> old screenshot (Clear button is missing)
78579 Corrupted Customer Scene - scene will not load
76345 The View menu 'interactive Zoom Tool' entry doesn't show up the hotkey mapping next to it ('C')
77114 AE - keep the Si3D/XSI-style for curves when performing topological operations


76117 Some FXs are not working on Linux.
78187 Proxy Scaling : output wrong with transform & crop node
79887 Render a sequence in the Compositor -> First frame is not correct (Japanese machine only)


77961 dotXSI - Memory usage in FTK write and read is too high

Data Management

77629 RefModel: Referenced model are missing when reloading a scene using the same model many times.
59996 No pop up window to warn that disk is full when exporting external model
78136 Crash recovery on Linux... well... doesn't
78107 Customer scene that crashes on load even with QFE 14.

78041 Reference Models not saving with client scene even with QFE 14 (need Local Modification flags 'off')
78965 SPDL & Addon installation on the command line should have an option to FORCE reinstallation (when teh spdl already exists)


79439 Online help update for SI3D Style slopes support
76296 Help info needed for Custom "DisplayInfo" Parameters

79874 Some links are not working on IRIX

78268 XSI-Corrupt Scenes(Crash)
76792 Invalid model connection crashes XSI on load

75986 Crash with smooth weight (Apply smooth)
78886 Bulge / Twist -OP PROBLEM
79670 Trims: drawing of NURBS with trims: points at infinity
76000 Crash when adjusting the brush size (weight paint)

77865 Trims: Crash in trim tesselator on client data.

77287 .scn association is binded to xsi.exe and not xsi.bat, so a lot of env vars are missing on startup
77289 .scn no longer work, it will simply start xsi without load the .scn
74503 Installer doesn't detect existing port for the service mi-ray3xsi2_0
77130 Loss of image clips: image clip are flagged "not used" even if shaders do use it
79275 Light list crashes on linux
77965 XSI cannot render 6k image... ran out of memory...
78369 MI_ADD_PLATFORM | Need to add to the distribution
77827 LINUX / IRIX | XSIbatch can not render scenes that use the FX compositor
75984 Passes and overrides: (deactivation reduce to one *ONLY*) switching passes: speed and memory consumption (Client scene)

74879 Client scene: Load scene, switch pass = crash!

78196 Angle Discontinuity has no effect when the shape combiner operator is present.
78196 Angle discontinuity has no effect when shape combiner op is present
74879 Customer scene: Load scene, switch pass = crash!

78077 Memory leak with scripted Operator (memory is growing up when doing a playback)
78833 SDK - Huge Memory Leak in Scripting Language (Phoenix)
78938 SDK - xsi -i : multiple spdl with same dll (Pheonix)
78937 SDK - xsi -u corrupting shader_plugin.mi (Pheonix)
77368 SDK - LINUX : Regression - Crash while parsing IsnerSpine.addon in current

78186 SPM | License reconnection dialog box no longer displays in the UI when license connection is lost

75806 Transfer map crash on Nurbs.
77632 Hair: Horizontal Banding Artifacts with Shadows.
77358 HAIR - Save Scene on Frame other than where Hair and Obstacles were created causes hair to Disappear.

79331 HAIR - Crash with Render Region with customer scene if texture applied to root and tips of Hair

79801 Regression | Linux | Crash in 2.0.3 when loading customer scene []

06 June 2002, 10:36 PM
great!!! finally

06 June 2002, 08:18 AM
Some awaited fix, but still not the IOR bug !!! It's frustating.

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