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03 March 2011, 04:06 AM
I am running a little late but I was quite interested in the idea of the contest. So I quickly decided something for my entry.


Kroniam - planet of the locals called the Krothos is been savaged by another tribe who constantly draw battle and blood of the peace loving Krothos. Myktra's, the savage tribe has begun killing the krothos and pushed them to move their homes out of their land. According to the Krotho mythology, the day when the lives of the innocent reach a mark and the two suns shine the brightest on their ground,K'raodh - the God of Justice shall rise and with his hand of judgment safeguard the righteous and the just and bring down scorching pain to the sinners.

K'raodh unlike other god loved peace and was very much around his subjects till peace was maintained. He took solitude and became one with the universe and promised to return back when the need arise. The times of peace and justice has gone and so has the time for his arrival come.

He can manipulate matter, change scale, blind the sun, and like every other god has super strength. It has been written in the Krotho mythology that if K'raodh gets angry and blinded with rage he can destroy a complete planet.
Flora and Fauna of Kroniam - more of a desert land and brown sandstones standing tall in between. I am taking some idea from Tattoine.
Screenplay planned -
Shot-01 -
Location - Huge Chamber - maybe underground
Camera moving from a far off angle towards the center slowly rotating around. In the middle of the chamber surrounded with rock formations there is a statue of K'raodh - the god of justice. There are some lines travelling from the sides of the chamber towards the center stage. The lines are glowing and filling up with the souls of the innocent.
The camera follows a couple of those lines (something like a powergrid) and it reaches the God.
There is a tremor and there is a huge glow and everything starts falling, a huge chunk of rock falls on the camera to cut to the next shot.
During the whole shot I am planning to put a background voice over saying -
" When the unworthy slaughters the innocent, the blinded rage bleeds the righteous, the chamber of K'raodh will fill with the praying souls only to wake him up. Wake him as it is time for justice. "
Shot-02 -
Location - Myktra outpost - Exterior
2 or 3 Myktra's are on guard and a small gate made of stones and two or three houses are aligned at this outpost. The ground shakes and there are cracks on the ground. The Myktra guards are bedazzled and from over their shoulder we see the rise of mighty K'raodh. One of the guard than throws a spear like weapon which makes the God really angry. The camera is from bottom to top where the Myktra is cornered and from his point of view a huge hand of the god comes and smashes into the camera going black.
The voice over during this shot -
"All the sinners beware, the time for them to be judged is here. The righteous shall pass and the lesser ones would bleed at the hands of K'raodh - The God of Justice.

Planning to use the by_ylscy rig. Will update soon with a rough storyboard. Hoping to catchup!!

03 March 2011, 04:47 AM
Looking to catch up? Pleeenty of time! =)

04 April 2011, 08:41 AM
Was working on the character when I found some time yesterday. Here is the image of the edited loop and changes to make sure the deformations are right. Did the joint placement and first pass skinning.

The worst thing to hit me was - there is a vertex on the neck which is not merged.

Please beware. I am trying to find a solution as my 1st pass skin is done and I am worried about redoing it. I might just cheat on it a little while animating though.The test is uploaded on this following link-
Regarding the skin, I am not going to worry about lot of parts and will tweak it once my storyboard which is simultaneously going on brings up the specific money shot and the part of the body needed to be tweaked.

04 April 2011, 02:23 PM
Alright, here is a link to a very rough animatic/pre-viz planned according to a music from constantine (only for testing, will search for a royalty free similar music) and a very bad background voice over done myself. Wanted to check whether these many number of shots do align or not? I am going to re-think a little on the shots now but wanted to share this pass to get some more idea's from you all. Suggestions please.

Thanks for the support! Cheers!

04 April 2011, 06:34 AM
Great find on the verts in the neck it helped me out of future troubles.
Goodluck with your animation.

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