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03 March 2011, 11:25 AM
Dominance War V - 3D - skyheinrich

Godess Of Ice

After decades of devastating war
wich turned humans into raging beasts
and burned the face of mother earth with nuclear fire,
finally the godess of ice emerged from the skies
and covered the tortured planet with a coat of ice.
Time stood still, so did war
and there was silence

Please correct me if you notice any mistake, english isn´t my first language.

03 March 2011, 11:42 PM
hm, looks like i have no idea what i´m doing.
I should do more thumbs and more variations, instead of spending so much time on a single concept, wich turns out pretty generic in the end or unrelated to the theme :/

03 March 2011, 12:21 AM
Quite like the first sketch... cliché for sure but it's hitting the right notes at-least! The second sketch (and I hope you don't find this offensive), I find to just be funny to look at.

03 March 2011, 10:21 PM
hey geedave, thank you for your comment, it is much appreciated.
I am having a hard time coming up with something less clichee.
Agree with you on the second one :D...not offended

Some other ideas:

03 March 2011, 04:15 AM
The firs one is nice but not original. But you don't have to make something original to be epic.

At first I thought the logo was gonna float above her head in the first concept. It would be cool if it were so!

03 March 2011, 04:18 AM
I really like the half-bear concept sketch you have in the corner. You could put some epic armor on a character like that. :)

04 April 2011, 10:45 AM
Thank you for taking the time to comment :thumbsup:
You got a valid point there, h-edition. I think in the end it is all about execution.
Nice idea with the logo :lightbulb, I will try to implement it as part of the headgear of the godess.
Still exploring options for the lower part of the body, the half-bear idea could be interesting.
Maybe should do some rough modeling to get a better feeling for the proportions.

04 April 2011, 11:23 AM
first to all, gratz for your drawing skills! nice concepts here. Over the matter of originality, agree, frist one is cliche, but the last one is by far interesting, indeed have some aspects of fashion that give the sensation of unique.

What i dont like over this las design is her arm, maybe if she has some... thing added to a normal arm will look cool too.

The bear legs... are rought... she is going for stylized, and the idea of ice go for that too.

Something you can try is searching for organics forms in the melted ice, those are cool shapes i think to try at least.

Peace and good work.

04 April 2011, 01:52 PM
Great designs:)
I like the polar bear-centaur one myself. It seems to have the most potential for epic godness but I love the overall direction. Looking forward to the 3D!

04 April 2011, 02:47 PM
I'd like to put in a vote for the polar bear-esque'ness. As idiotcat said, you could really put some gnarly stuff on it.

04 April 2011, 03:39 PM
Thanks a lot for your input and encouragement! :)
It looks like the polar-bear-centaur is something worth exploring.
Would be probably for the best if I did some rough models, more like sketches, to see what works and what does not.
I started to model the head in 3dsMax today.

04 April 2011, 07:19 PM
I made a prototype, took me way too long.

04 April 2011, 07:51 PM
+1 for this hybrid! It's very original, keep the good work up :)
But try to keep the body/face like your latest 2D sketch, it looks really cool (well at least that's what I would do :) )

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