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03 March 2011, 02:17 AM
Throwing my very shabby metaphorical hat into the ring.


Loss, God of binding and despair :

"Take their hope. Then they are already dead."
- Unattributed

That sense you have, right now. The one that you're doing something with your life. That the things you buy and use and want matter, and that your choices have consequences.
In the beginning, there was freedom. Now there is something else. It is everywhere, every day. The chains it binds you with you've never seen. But you will soon. Everyone will. Look at them, in their war to become "gods". Ha. Once, they were so numerous as to be uncountable, and so strong that their dominance couldn't have been challenged. But they war themselves down for Her. And now the Old Ones come. The Gods. They see a world to reshape in their own image once they capture it. They are fools.
In your sleep, She took it from you, and you never even noticed. And you went to war to fill the void. Didn't you wonder why? What it was that drove you to this? It's the insatiable. The need, to believe in anything at all. And you can't fill it. None can, now.

Despair: a state in which all hope is lost.

The absence of hope. It will take everything from them. The ones it hasn't already destroyed. And what they lose, She gains. Death and War have no monopoly on the gains of suffering. In the end, they too will be unable to fulfill their purpose, or soon, even rise to defend themselves. And then they will lose the last thing left to their hollow shells. Their lives.
And always, She gains.

None can stand against Her. And the sense you have now, of futility and defeat, the inexorable binding of your life to it's course, the despair of your ineveitable defeat? Reality, as it always has been. I am her harbinger, and I tell of her coming. There is no need for secrecy. The war is over. When you speak, you will speak not of Her, or of any other. But you will proclaim for eternity, in one voice:





What I'm going for is a character that is so powerful/terrifying they don't need to be armed in the traditional sense, like a real god. The scene in LOTR when Galadriel is tempted by the One Ring ("All shall love me and despair!") is sort of what I mean. She's still just got a loud voice and some glow fx, but you wouldn't even think of messing with her. Neither would anyone else this side of Sauron.

So overall I want that feeling of presence/force/terrible strength. And then once you're paying attention, as a view, ideally, the two things that you get looking at Loss are this kind of unnatural beauty in the form and (this is why it's unnatural) the fact that a being fueled by loss is a projection of the varying grotesqueries of the human mind, which prey upon those without hope. Whether I can convey the presence or the beauty is up in the air. I can deliver the grotesqueries with rather more certainty, but if I wanted to do that alone I'd have taken suffering or something.

Concepts so far:
First attempt, I really want the face to juxtapose big eyes (innocence) with a hunger (for SOOULLLS :twisted: )
Fooling with the mouth and her creepy-to-appealing ratio. I'm trying to make all the creepy things still conform to shapes that are in a stylized body type, so at first glance you wouldn't know . . .

Please, please crit!

03 March 2011, 10:59 AM
The head concepts look cool. Not so sure about the body. Probably you need to show a bit more detail. I assume that the red bit around the neck is a scarf or similar and the red part on the belly a hole inside the body maybe?
As a suggestion try to use the chains more often and replace any body joints with them. Good luck!

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