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03 March 2011, 04:55 PM
Hi fellow 3d enthusiasts,

I made a new thread the other day about trackball vs (or) turntable, and I forgot to add a poll. Given that a poll allows someone to voice their opinion without having to necessarily post a remark, I wanted to make this new thread to try to get a broader concensus.

To make it understood easier:

Turntable is when you can rotate the view in only two axis - Turn and pitch. The Roll axis is locked, so the up vector is always vertical.

Trackball is when the rotation is not locked anywhere

I am a member of another 3d group using Blender , and atm we are attempting to make a change from trackball as default atm, to turntable such as what maya ,max and others use, which would alleviate hastles for those coming from most all other 3d apps who do default to turntable, and for new users, which in my humble opinion would typically find it much easier to comprehend and thereby make their use of said 3d app far easier .

Feel free to let this thread take precedence over the other, and don't feel obliged to make another comment here ( just make your poll selection ) .

cheers and thx for your patience

03 March 2011, 10:05 PM
Reading your other post I could finally understand what you where talking about... :D

Yeah, I've used both methods and I just hate trackball when the scene start turning upside down, autocad used to have this method and changed for the turntable, I would recommend blender to switch as well. :buttrock:

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03 March 2011, 10:05 PM
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