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3D Freak
10 October 2003, 01:20 PM
John Pieschl has entered the ALIENWARE Challenge.

3D Freak
10 October 2003, 09:56 PM (

First concept art- done w/ Photoshop.

3D Freak
10 October 2003, 09:50 PM (

Made some additions to my first concept

3D Freak
10 October 2003, 09:52 PM
C & C anyone? anyone?..............:D

10 October 2003, 10:49 PM
Looks like fractal delirium to me..!
I like it John!

Keep on!

10 October 2003, 10:57 PM
this sun in the top looks very good .

Keep good work:thumbsup:

3D Freak
10 October 2003, 10:59 PM
Thanks guys..........any suggestions on something to add to it???

10 October 2003, 11:29 PM
Hey mate,

The stone surface looks really cool, the sun and the green object are from good soil.

But the composition really doesn't do it for me, also seems to leave little room for any more elements or dynamic, I think that idea wasn't just created by your small image size.

My advice is to start from scratch again, with the composition that is. Not that I'm realy good at landscape design but just my humble honsest opinion, maybe a landscape reference photo, and then alienize it would help. Hope this helps you forward, hope can C&C me soon when I subscribe.

ps. your lord of the ring character rocks :buttrock:

3D Freak
10 October 2003, 11:47 PM
Thanks Astaroth.NL - I have to agree with you about the composition. I also feel that it's lacking something- maybe it needs more depth to the image or something, just can't put my finger on it. I will probably do a couple of concept images before I start modelling so it's no big deal- I'm kinda enjoying playin' around with PS! Thanks you for you honest opinions :buttrock: :beer: - 3DF.

3D Freak
10 October 2003, 06:12 PM (

Here's another concept painted in PS- C&C appreciated.....thanks, 3DF.

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