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10 October 2003, 06:20 AM
Alan Mecham has entered the ALIENWARE Challenge.

10 October 2003, 01:57 PM (

These are just some of the pieces of my overall idea. I'm not finished with every thing for my full envvironment concept sketch yet but I thought I would show something. I might drop the pyrimid though, it seems too common.

10 October 2003, 08:37 AM
I though I would explain a few things just for anyone interested.

My alien world's technology is based around 'genetics.' The 'statue' in my concept sketch is actually a worker-bot. The robots are 'hatched' from the eggs shown in the flower up in the top right of the sketch. That plant is actually a fruiting body that produced from a bot that is either too old or to damaged to repair. A chemical hormone is introduced into that bot by a controller-bot (think of a queen bee type thing,) the workers then plant this bot. The plant sprout from where the newly formed reproducer-bot was planted and an egg forms at the 'flower', a worker will then inject some of it's own genetic information into the egg and a new larva bot is formed in the egg, a new egg will reform once the previous egg hatches, and eggs will continue forming until all the usable materials from the old bot are used up. Then the flowers will die and a new reproducer will replace it. In this way one bot can create a large number of replacement (though this process isn't exactly fast,) and by sharing genetics from other workers diversity in stains of bots can be created and used to create superior bots.

When a larval bot hatches it is take to the controller and a hormone is introduced to cause it to solidify into the cast that it will be serving as (such as a Controller or Worker.) The Larva enters a pupation node and will there remain until the process is completed and there is a need of it. If there is no need for the new bot it will remain in the pupation node in a state of suspended animation.

These though not the focus of my scene will be a major part in my scene. I explain this simply because I thought it might help with understanding my sketch. I still haven't finished my final sketch for the scene, but writing this down helps me work out some of the details for it.

10 October 2003, 02:59 PM (

This is a floor design for my environment.

The Floor will be a semi-transparent "glass" with veins of golden light. There are strange symbols circulating around the center they look vaguely familiar, (crop circles?!) :D

11 November 2003, 08:10 PM (

This is my base area. It's hard to tell right now but there is around 35 meters from wall to center. It's also 20 meters high, I know this isn't THAT massive sounding. but like I said this is just the base.

I haven't posted my final sketch yet, but that's because it's very rough. I might not really clean it up though, the scale in it is way off though. I just can't seem to portay the size I want. Oh well.

11 November 2003, 09:27 PM (

I've just thrown in the alter in the middel, and rendered it in the avtive shader from max, really just checking it out.

11 November 2003, 09:32 PM (

Here is a closer look at it. The alter is in the middle 1 meter tall.

11 November 2003, 01:44 AM
I like the ideas and all but it stilll needs quite a bit of work.
First of all the pillar things need more polygons, I mean c'mon, you're not modelling a level for a game, the low poly count just looks bad. Also, you mentioned that everything is organic, yet your scene shows a very rigid un-organic area. Also, I'm pretty sure the rules said that structure should not be the main focus of the image.
Perhaps I'm jumping to conclusions to quick and this is only part of a bigger scene or something but that's my opinion anyways.
btw, I really liked the natural lava lamp idea.

11 November 2003, 07:32 AM
Trust me, I know that I need more. This is just my base area. Think of it as a place holder of types. There will be a more organic fell to things as I go further. It should feel very alive when I finish, I hope. Though I only said that the technology is based around a type of genetics, that doesn't mean it is organic.

The walls don't show it yet bet there will be large openings in them to the view the out-side landscape.

The pillars are un-detailed right now, I just need them there to start on other things and so I can work on the floor.

As for it being too Low Poly, I am by profession a real-time modeler. Low poly is my medium. I intend to do things very detailed, but starting low poly is easiest for me, don't worry the mesh will be detailed when I'm done with it.

11 November 2003, 10:23 PM (

Just a quick update not a whole lot to day but it's sum'fin'

11 November 2003, 10:31 PM (

just the collums, these buggers are real poly hogs, and a slowing down my system but I like the way they look, or how they should look. I'm still tweekin' em a bit.

11 November 2003, 11:57 PM
kind of a interior building structure... havn't seen many of those designs in this competition, interesting to see how it all works out.. Finchy.

11 November 2003, 11:05 PM (

Just relized that I hadn't shown a solid view of the scene yet. Not really too much to tell. I didn't really like the beams so I redid them alittle.

11 November 2003, 09:30 AM (

Just some more small updates for anyone interested

11 November 2003, 09:31 AM (

. . .

11 November 2003, 09:42 AM (

Just more Updates on the model

11 November 2003, 09:43 AM (

A closer look at the alter

11 November 2003, 09:44 AM (

The alter is made with a Lath and a spline

12 December 2003, 07:31 AM
Wow! I ~like~ the patterns and the models, especially the altar! :thumbsup: Your image is going to be beautiful!

12 December 2003, 07:46 AM
Thanks, but unfortunately, I don't think I'll have time to even finish it. I have a couple weeks off from work that I can try to get more done on it, but that's mainly taken up with Christmas and family stuff, so I'm thinking that I'm out of the contest. But I plan on eventually finishing the model anyway for my portfolio. Oh well, we'll see what happens though.

Ian Jones
12 December 2003, 02:08 PM
hehe, aliens who are into Art Deco.

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