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02 February 2011, 03:37 PM
how can i do this...
i have an null and a locator in a tree
the null has been offset so that the loc can have nice clean 0 0 0 transform in an offset place
i want to be abel to set the locs transforms to match an xyz coordinate in world space
(this could be done with xform however i may need to do this on a frame that isnt the
current frame so i have been looking at setKeyframe -t $frame -v $value)
also the null may or may not have rotation and rotation vaules to make things more complicated :|

edit: i wrote this wrong

02 February 2011, 07:55 PM
not sure if I understand completely, but would a point constraint help you at all and you can key on/off the weight of the constraint for the frame you need? You would just have another transform that will be in the right spot for your locator to snap to when you need it.

Another approach is to write an expression with the xform command inside an if statement, so if the current frame is the frame you need to move the locator, then run the command to place the locator as you need it.

Does that help? Or could you explain a little more about what you are doing?

03 March 2011, 11:52 AM
ignor this, my brain was so fried from trying to sort this that i coulndt even explane what i was trying to do properly, sorted now though

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03 March 2011, 11:52 AM
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