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02 February 2011, 12:46 AM

Does anyone know how one might ascertain the true/global scale of an object using MEL - that is, the scale of the object taking into consideration the scale values of all the parent nodes?


02 February 2011, 06:37 AM
I think Real Scale Value = Bounding Box Max * 2.
*Take polyCube(Scale 1,1,1)
*Set scale to (5,5,5)
*Freeze the transformations(Scale value become 1,1,1 & Bounding Box Max = 2.5). Not sure but try out & see.All the best

Robert Bateman
02 February 2011, 10:52 AM
xform -q -ws -s "joint1"

03 March 2011, 12:03 AM
The following is actually calculating the 'size' of the bounding box.

ruchitinfushion was wrong that multiplying the max of the boundingBox by 2 would give you the size of the object. That would only work if the center of the object would be precisely on the center of your grid. The following should work in all conditions:

float $boundingBox[] = `xform -q -bb "pCube1"`;
$xSize = $boundingBox[3]-$boundingBox[0]; // xmax - xmin
$ySize = $boundingBox[4]-$boundingBox[1]; // ymax - ymin
$zSize = $boundingBox[5]-$boundingBox[2]; // zmax - zmin

As Robert Bateman stated:
xform -q -ws -s "pCube1"
That will give you the scale in world space, so it takes in considerations all of it's parent transform nodes and gives the actual result of this all.

11 November 2011, 04:50 PM
To get actual size i tried lots of expression but in some case it fails to work.
Here is the way i tried to check Obj Size
Step 1:

volume = 'pCylinder1'
volumeShape = mc.listRelatives(volume, s=True)
volumeBox = mc.exactWorldBoundingBox(volumeShape)

xSize = math.ceil(((abs(volumeBox[0])) + (abs(volumeBox[3]))))
ySize = math.ceil(((abs(volumeBox[1])) + (abs(volumeBox[4]))))
zSize = math.ceil(((abs(volumeBox[2])) + (abs(volumeBox[5]))))

Step 2:

volume = 'pCylinder1'
volumeShape = mc.listRelatives(volume, s=True)
BBOXminX = mc.getAttr(volumeShape[0] + '.boundingBoxMinX')
BBOXminY = mc.getAttr(volumeShape[0] + '.boundingBoxMinY')
BBOXminZ = mc.getAttr(volumeShape[0] + '.boundingBoxMinZ')
BBOXmaxX = mc.getAttr(volumeShape[0] + '.boundingBoxMaxX')
BBOXmaxY = mc.getAttr(volumeShape[0] + '.boundingBoxMaxY')
BBOXmaxZ = mc.getAttr(volumeShape[0] + '.boundingBoxMaxZ')

xSize = math.ceil(((abs(BBOXminX)) + (abs(BBOXmaxX))) * sizeMult)
ySize = math.ceil(((abs(BBOXminY)) + (abs(BBOXmaxY))) * sizeMult)
zSize = math.ceil(((abs(BBOXminZ)) + (abs(BBOXmaxZ))) * sizeMult)

The problem here is,sometimes when i try to set scale of other objects with above xSize,ySize,zSize.
it gives big number and also make changes in bounding box of mesh shape node(query node).Why????

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