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02 February 2011, 12:12 PM
Hey everyone,

First time for me to actually post here.

Anyways, iím currently working on an animation to animate cell division and cell migration for my graduation project.

Just to give you a quick overview, the animation starts with 2 cells, and grows out to a hollow organism throughout the animation, though keeping a single cell layer. The cell divisions only take place in a certain area and the cells that divided from these migrate away, mainly being pushed by the next cell inline slowly expanding the organism.

Iíve looked into pflow and reactor to get the desired effect. The plan is to use Pflow for the animation of the cells and then hook up the particles to softbody objects to let reactor calculate the dynamics between them.

Iíve done some testing with pflow and most of the animation seems pretty straight forward and I donít see any major problems on the horizon. I used a combination of spawn, lock/bond and keep apart operators and the results seem pretty promising, with a little tweaking theyíll pretty much be spot on.

However when it comes to hooking the softbodies up the particles and adding the instanced softbodies to the SBcollection Iím not sure whatís possible and what isnít, or how to go about it. My guess would be a scripted solution; I have hardly any scripting experience, so I might have to start reading into that.

My other major concern is the interpenetration that takes place when a cell divides and how reactor will handle that.

I already checked out Lsdincís recent topic on Cell Mitosis with Pflow help, which was helpful enough, but it held no answers for the problems Iím going to run into.

I currently donít access to Box#2 nor have I ever worked with it or know its exact capabilities, gauging from the other thread it could be quiet useful for my animation.

Any advice, tips, ideas or criticism would be greatly appreciated!

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02 February 2011, 12:12 PM
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