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02 February 2011, 08:06 AM
Hello, everyone.
(Q)What is the current option name of miDefaultOptions.AmbientOcclusion?
I used MEL to set renderGlobal for rendering, but I can't use this mel to set attribute:

setAttr "miDefaultOptions.ambientOcclusion" 1;
//1 means Turn On

the mel will get an error:
// Error: No object matches name: miDefaultOptions.ambientOcclusion //

"Ambient Occlusion" option is in Features of renderGlobal.

Thanks for reading.

02 February 2011, 08:37 AM
The reason is: There is no spoon ehh.... there is no such attribute. Ambient occlusion is defined by a string option. By default (in maya2011) it is string option number 9. So this

setAttr -type "string" miDefaultOptions.stringOptions[9].value "false";

Will turn it off while

setAttr -type "string" miDefaultOptions.stringOptions[9].value "true";

will turn it on. Maybe it could be useful to loop through the string options list and check for the name of the option to ensure that you modify the correct value.

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02 February 2011, 08:37 AM
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