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01 January 2011, 11:16 PM
Hey guys!

Ok, i'm not used to rigging and i have a newbie question! I know rigging for about 3-4 months now, and i wanted to know about some feature. One of them was the broken hierarchy hand system! I really love when i animate, to always get the same orient for my hand and the joint. So i don't have to always rotate the hand back when i do walk cycle, etc.

So here's the problem. It work great with IK to FK switch setup but when i need to put the CTRL to the rig, i have a problem.

I need to parent my IK handle to the wrist CTRL but when i constraint the wrist CTRL to the wrist bone(orient constraint) to be able to rotate it, it break the hierarchy.

Here's some screen shot of what is happening:

First, the control with the ik parent work perfect when i move it, but i can't rotate by the CTRL:


and when i constraint the CTRL to the wrist joint, and move it, the CTRL don't follow the orientation of the wrist.. and that's why it's a newbie question, i'm stuck there xD


Thanks a lot guys!

I hope you find a way!


01 January 2011, 03:43 AM
I guess the arm has 4 joint? shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand joint? (The wrist and the hand joint are in the same positon. Ik created from the shoulder to the wrist.) If it is so,

There are many ways to set this up. If I got you right, you prefer having the control to move the arm ik around as well as rotating the hand joint and when the arm ctrl is moved, the hand stays in stright line with the elbow.
Orient constraint the wrist joint to the ctrl? i'm not sure if that possible, since the joints have been controlled by the ik and the ik is under your ctrl hierarchy. That's gonna cause cycle connection error.

you need 2 controls.
-WRIST CTRL. for the ik to be parented under. use this one for translating the arm around, lock the rotate.
-HAND CTRL. for the hand joint to be constrainted to. group this one and parent contraint the group to the wrist joint. use this one for rotating the hand joint.

Hope this helps, excuse my English

01 January 2011, 07:20 PM
Thanks for your answer!

I did try that, but it didn't solve.. so i will try further ! I think i need to parent the IK under the CTRL and orient constraint the wrist joint.. but it's really weird that depending on the world location the CTRL axis change... i try to figure it out, if anybody have another option, let me know :)


01 January 2011, 01:48 AM
ok, maybe it's a problem with your joint orientation. try skeleton>orient joint...

or when placing control, the control need to have the same rotation axis with the joint. Else, when constraintning, maintain offset is needed to be checked.

I tired on a blank scene, maybe this is your're looking for.

01 January 2011, 02:28 AM
hey nuternativ!

Thanks about that!! i didn't think about it this way! You solve my problem, thanks again.

For sure it's bad to have 2 ctrl but i think that's the bestr way ^^ thanks again (3rd time :P)

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